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Daniel T. Malone Life-Saving Appreciation

On the afternoon of Friday, April 22nd, Travis Collins, Emergency Services Dispatcher (ESD), took a call for a male patient down and not breathing inside the Airport Terminal.  Travis processed the call, and immediately went into CPR instructions.  Lansing Fire, CFR/Airport Fire, Bangs Ambulance, and the TCSO Deputy assigned to the Terminal (Jim Rolfe) were dispatched by ESD’s Lauren Dickenson and Eldon Stevens, Dispatch Supervisor, Zack Guidi, and the TCSO deputy assigned to the Terminal ( s1236 Jim Rolfe).  The Sheriff’s office staff arrived with an AED and immediately applied it.  By the time other EMS crews arrived the patient began breathing on his own.  It was later reported by CMC staff that the successful CPR and quick application of the AED ultimately saved the patient’s life.  


Daniel T. Malone Appreciation Celebration Poster


Daniel T. Malone Appreciation Group Photo

The group involved in the life-saving efforts at the Appreciation Celebration, with Daniel and his family.