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Governor's Traffic Safety Committee

The Governor's Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC) awards funding to Local and County level police and sheriff departments and non-profit entities for programs aimed at making NY's roads safer for all drivers.

Law enforcement and other public safety entities throughout Tompkins County collective have received over $44,000 in GTSC funding to support high-visibility enforcement, public information, and education outreach designed to save lives and reduce severity of motor vehicle related injuries. Follow this link (PDF) for details of previous grants.

Link to GTSC homepage

The GTSC website also has traffic safety reports by county (Tompkins County 2009-2011 report). These include:

  • Crash statistics by age, sex, jurisdiction, day of week, and more
  • DWI statistics
  • Tickets given for various offences

All grant applicants must use the eGrants system to apply for and manage grants. To use eGrants, the agency and two users, a Project Director and Fiscal Agent, must be registered in the system. To register, go to the eGrants Login page and click on the link for "New User," add your information and click save. After both have entered the information, you must contact the GTSC by phone to ask to have the agency and users approved. Approval is not automatic.

Local applications must be endorsed by the Chair of the County Traffic Safety Board (TSB) and be returned to the GTSC. The endorsement page is printed from the eGrants system. Contact your County Traffic Safety Board as to the process for having your application endorsed.

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