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New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) provides funding for the enhancement of public safety and improvement of criminal justice services. Funding opportunities sponsored by the DCJS are managed by the office of Program Development and Funding (OPDF). The OPDF is responsible for

  • administering applications and RFPs for funding opportunities
  • developing policy for new programs supported by State and Federal funds
  • developing grant program guidelines
  • providing technical assistance to counties and localities to access funding and/or implement programs
  • monitoring grant projects to ensure grantees implement programs consistent with the terms and conditions of contracts
  • determining if established performance measures are being attained
  • maintaining database and map of funding by County (Tompkins County)

Link to OPDF homepage

Any agency or organization seeking funding from the DCJS must complete and submit a Grants Management System GMS registration. The DCJS also provides a helpful tutorial on how to use their GMS including video tutorials, PowerPoint lessons, and PDF versions of the forms required when receiving funding from DCJS. Take advantage of this helpful resource.

Link to DCJS GMS page

Link to DCJS Grantee Forms page

Visit the new NYS Grants Gateway for details of current grant opportunities sponsored by DCJS.


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