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Lisa Schott, Treasury Manager

Phone: 607-274-5545


Will be open 8:30-4:30. Our doors are currently locked and we are utilizing an intercom system to keep office traffic to a minimum. Please press the Treasury button and we will buzz you in.

We encourage you to take advantage of our Online Certificate of Residence application.

We would like to STRONGLY encourage everyone to make their payment through:

  • US Mail
  • Using our locked drop-box
  • Online payment system.


Responsibilities include:

  • Receipt and custody of all County funds;
  • Coordinates investments of County resources;
  • Administers the hotel room occupancy tax;
    - Tompkins County Hotel Room Occupancy Tax
  • Maintains tax rolls and provides tax searches and copies of tax bills;
    - Taxes
  • Responsible for enforcement of delinquent property taxes for Town, County and School taxes;
  • Issues certificates of residency for attendance at community colleges; Click the link below to apply and submit online.
    -  Certificate of Residence
  • Custodian for court and trust funds
  • Tompkins Tobacco Asset Securitization