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Community Resource Hubs Open in Slaterville, Lansing, and City of Ithaca West Hill Neighborhood, Adding to Groton and Enfield Hubs

The Community Justice Center (CJC), a collaborative between the City of Ithaca and Tompkins County to implement joint Reimagining Public Safety plans, is announcing the opening of three new “Community Resource Hubs” in Slaterville, Lansing, and the City of Ithaca West Hill Neighborhood. Existing hubs in Enfield and Groton continue to operate with the hours listed below. The hubs provide residents with access to information and the internet, access to forms for services and benefits, transportation and housing resources, and the ability to take health or other appointments online or over the phone. The hubs will be staffed throughout 2024 by the Community Justice Center. The hubs are free for anyone in the community to access.

The schedule for community members to access the Community Resource Hubs are:

  • Lansing Library (New), 27 Auburn Road, Lansing, NY 14882
    • Open Second and Fourth Mondays of each month 12:00 – 2:00p.m.

  • Groton Public Library, 122 East Cortland St., Groton, NY 13073
    • Open Tuesdays 12:00 – 2:00p.m.

  • City of Ithaca West Hill Neighborhood (New), 150 West Village Place, Room 328, Ithaca, NY 14850
    • Open Tuesdays 2:30 – 4:30p.m.

  • Slaterville Fire Hall (New), 2681 Slaterville Road, Slaterville Springs, NY 14881
    • Open Wednesdays 9:00 – 11:00a.m.

  • Enfield Community Center, 162 Enfield Main Road, Ithaca, NY 14850
    • Open First and Third Wednesdays of Each Month 12:00 – 2:00p.m.

Resources available through the Community Resource Hubs include:

  • Computers and Internet Access
    • Get online and find information that you need, a printer is available so you can take information home
  • Find Transportation Resources and Schedules to Meet your Needs
    • We’ll help you find reliable transportation
  • Get Help Finding and Filling out Forms for Benefits and Services
    • Free assistance to fill out online or paper forms
  • Take Medical Appointments Over the Phone or Internet
    • Free internet, computer and phone access are available

Community members are encouraged to visit the hubs during open hours, appointments are not necessary. Those looking for more information can contact the Community Justice Center at 607-793-0473 or

Project Director of the Community Justice Center, Monalita Smiley stated, “Because we’ve had success meeting people where they are with the first two hubs in Groton and Enfield, I’m very excited to add three new hub locations. Residents on West Hill, and in the Slaterville Springs/Caroline, and Lansing areas are invited to take advantage of these new hubs. The goal of the hubs is to make sure people have access to information in their own communities. We offer safe spaces for people to access the internet, get help with a form to access services, or just to navigate the complexities of resources in our community. I’m glad we’re getting to do this work at the CJC because this shows that government and not-for-profit services can be available to everyone.”

Smiley continued, “I think about how we’re often delivering “wraparound services” after someone has experienced a crisis or is desperate for help, these hubs are a way to deliver those services to people earlier, when they identify that they’d like support or access to information. I see this as a prevention mechanism and a way to uplift people in areas that don’t have everything that you can find in the geographic center of the County.”

Ithaca City Manager Deb Mohlenhoff stated, “The City of Ithaca is proud to support these resource hubs through the Community Justice Center. Already there have been many community members in Groton and Enfield finding access to resources - having three new hubs will greatly expand access and show more communities how the CJC is having a positive impact. Adding a hub to the West Hill neighborhood right in the City is a helpful new way to reach people and increase access to resources. While the City hub is located in the West Hill Neighborhood, all city residents are encouraged to visit the hub and utilize resources made available by the CJC.”

In addition to the new Community Resource Hubs, the Community Justice Center encourages everyone in Tompkins County seeking resources or information on what may be available to them to dial 2-1-1 (1-877-211-8667) for a caring, local person who will assist each caller, and to use their local libraries for ongoing access to information and online resources.