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PROS Courses

Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS Home)

It's Easy to Get Involved

  • Call for a screening appointment (607-274-6200) — we will see you within one week.
  • Walk into the Mental Health Building (201 E. Green St., Ithaca) and ask for an appointment.
  • Ask your therapist to make a referral to PROS.

 Summer 2023 

Monday (In person and on Zoom, except * is in person only)

  • Morning Stroll (9 AM)*
  • DPT Drop-in (10 AM)
  • Yoga (10 AM)*
  • Addictions (10 AM)
  • Art for Self-Esteem (11 AM)
  • Gender Diverse Peers (11 AM)
  • Lunch Prep (11 AM)*
  • Drama Therapy (1 PM)*
  • My Grief Journey (1 PM)
  • Community Activity (2 PM)*

Course Descriptions

Tuesday (In person and on Zoom, except * is in person only)

  • DBT Distress Tolerance (10 AM)
  • Mindful Movement (10 AM)
  • Tobacco and You (11 AM)
  • DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness (11 AM)
  • Book Club (1 PM)*
  • DBT Drop-in (1 PM)
  • CBT for Anxiety (2 PM)

Course Descriptions

Wednesday (In person and on Zoom, except * is in person only)

  • Walkabout (9 AM)*
  • The Gifts or Our Imperections (10 AM)
  • Art Therapy (10 AM)
  • Working On Working (11 AM)
  • Assert Yourself (11 AM)
  • Lunch Prep (11 AM)*
  • DBT Mindfulness (1 PM)
  • Peer Support (1 PM)
  • Shadow Work (2 PM)
  • Games*

Course Descriptions

Thursday (All On Zoom Only)

  • Morning Meditation, Grounding, and Breathwork (9 AM)
  • The Body is Not an Apology (Radical Self Love) (10 AM)
  • Substance Use Recovery (10 AM)
  • On-Line Games (11 AM)
  • DBT Drop-in (11 AM)
  • Chair Exercises for All (1 PM)
  • Self-Love Superpower (1 PM)
  • Chronic Pain and Other Health Conditions (2 PM)

Course Descriptions

Friday (In person and on Zoom, except * is in person only)

  • Gardening (9 AM)*
  • DBT Emotional Regulation (10 AM)
  • Let's Talk Motivation (10 AM)
  • 12 Step Meeting (11 AM)
  • Mindfulness for Stress Reduction (11 AM)
  • Lunch Prep (11 AM)*
  • Games (1 PM)*
  • FOMO (2 PM)*

Course Descriptions

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Course Descriptions

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(CRS-Problem Solving)

This class will explore different addictive behaviors that can have consequences for our physical and mental health, relationships, finances, etc. We will cover common behavioral addictions such as gambling, shopping, internet/social media engagement, video games, and sex/relationships. Participants will explore the reasons why people become addicted to certain behaviors, common triggers for engaging in these behaviors, and strategies to reduce impulses and implement healthy coping skills.

Art for Self Esteem

(CRS - Coping Skills)

Come and learn how art can be a powerful tool for increasing self-esteem. Participants will engage in a variety of art therapy exercises geared towards discovering strengths, sources of inspiration, and self-reflection. We will also explore what might be holding you back or weighing you down in the hopes of bringing some relief to those feelings.

Art Therapy

(CRS-WSM Coping Skills Training)

Want to find another way to express your emotions besides talking about them? Maybe art would be a way that appeals to you. Art can be a great coping skill as well as a way to connect with others! No experience needed. Group members are provided with a thought-provoking prompt and then given time to express themselves with any materials available. One might draw, write, color, etc.

Assert Yourself

(CRS-WSM Coping Skills Training)

A class focused on learning more effective and assertive communication styles. Participants will learn skills to communicate their needs, opinions, and emotions while respecting the rights of others. Participants will explore barriers that occur throughout their lives and how to cope with these barriers in an assertive and healthy manner.

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The Body is not an Apology

(CRS-WSM Coping Skills)

This class will be a discussion based book club on the book, The Body is Not an Apology. We will explore together the impacts of body shame on mental health (and vice versa) and work together to heal the wounds that body shame has caused in our lives. Here is a description of the book: "The Body Is Not an Apology, written by Sonya Renee Taylor, is more than a book about body image issues. It is a book about all of our society’s issues, especially around systemic racism, ageism, ableism, sexism, fatphobia, and homo- and transphobia. It is an invitation to step into relationship with these issues in a deeply personal way. By entering into such an exploratory relationship with yourself you discover how to positively and meaningfully contribute to the fight against rampant injustice and oppression that is baked into our daily lived experience. This is a book about awakening, liberation, and action."

Book Club - “Hell of a Book”

(CRS-Coping Skills)

This class will be a discussion-based book club, focusing on mental health and the effects of racism, through the book “Hell of a Book” by Jason Mott.

An astounding work of fiction from New York Times bestselling author Jason Mott, always deeply honest, at times electrically funny, that goes to the heart of racism, police violence, and the hidden costs exacted upon Black Americans and America as a whole.

As these characters’ stories build and converge, they astonish. For while this heartbreaking and magical book entertains and is at once about family, love of parents and children, art and money, it’s also about the nation’s reckoning with a tragic police shooting playing over and over again on the news. And with what it can mean to be Black in America.

CBT for Anxiety


We will be using the Anxiety Skills Workbook: Simple CBT and Mindfulness Strategies for Overcoming Anxiety, Fear, and Worry. The use of a workbook is meant to be very active, because you don’t learn how to deal with anxiety by simply reading about it! There exercises for you to monitor your anxiety and practice the skills you’ve learned.

Chair Exercises

(CRS-WSM Coping Skills Group)

Chair Exercises for Everyone: We will be watching videos from The Website states that by practicing these exercises you will: Move better and for longer, become more flexible and decrease pain, become more confident, have better balance and the desire to get more out of life each day. Wear comfortable clothing and a willingness to move your body.

Chronic Pain and Other Health Conditions


This class, led by the PROS nurse, will explore and provide support for those living at the intersection of chronic pain and/or other health conditions and mental health barriers. The purpose is to allow for space for people to share what they are struggling with and what is working for them!

Community Activity

(CRS Community Living Exploration)

Summer is here and it’s time to get out into nature. Every week we will go somewhere different, a local waterfall, a walk near the lake, there are so many possibilities and requests are encouraged. If we are driving somewhere, I can only take six participants, so sign up early. I plan to have the trip planned and emailed out by the Friday before.

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Drama Therapy

(CRS Coping Skills Training)

IN PERSON ONLY, no experience needed. This group will use an active and experiential approach that can help people address various issues, including trauma, relationship problems, and personal goal setting. Participants will engage in a wide variety of drama exercises and activities that will vary each week.

DBT Distress Tolerance Skills

(CRS Coping Skills Training)

This class will focus on the section of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Distress Tolerance Skills. This training helps individuals expand their toolbox with skills specifically focused on being able to get through difficult and distressing emotions and situations without falling apart. This class could be a drop in but would be better with regularly attendance.

DBT Drop-in

(CRS – Problem Solving Skills Training)

This class will focus on teaching and reviewing DBT skills while using them with examples provided by class participants. DBT Skills Practice can be taken alone or with other DBT classes to improve participants’ ability to apply the DBT skills that they have learned to situations currently happening in their lives.

DBT – Interpersonal Effectiveness

(CRS-WSM Coping Skills Training)

Learning to get along with others while also asserting your own needs is essential to healthy relationships. It can be difficult to balance your own needs and the needs of others. How can you get what you need without being aggressive or neglecting the needs of others? In this group you will learn skills needed for healthier relationships.

DBT Mindfulness Skills

(CRS – Wellness/Self-Management Coping Skills Training)

This class will focus on further learning of DBT skills such as mindfulness, meditation, journaling, and task-focusing. Participants will engage in mindfulness activities each class and will be asked to practice these skills on their own which they will document in daily journal entries.

Participants will engage in short meditation activities for each class that range from 3-10 minutes.

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FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

(CRS Basic Living Skills Training)

In this class we will explore the idea of play and the importance of incorporating play into our daily lives to bolster recovery. Many people missed the opportunity to play as a child and never learned. Well now is the time! Not sure what play looks like for you? We will try various things that are traditional childhood play activities like: arts and crafts, playdoh, playing outside games and going to a playground. Maybe you have ideas and suggestions! We will also spend time each class talking about the emotional benefits of play and discussing how the skill (form of play) of the day can help overcome mental health and substance use barriers in your life. This is a great class to help you connect with and offer your inner child some space to heal and grow!


(CRS – Basic Living Skills)

Many people struggle with building connections with others, basic social skills and overcoming anxiety to have comfortable social interactions. Join a group of peers and staff in playing games and engaging with one another – having a fun while building skills!

Gardening for Health

(CRS Coping Skills Training)

In this group, we will care for our PROS garden. Together we will discuss what is necessary for all of us – not just plants – to grow and produce fruit. Getting our hands in the dirt is just one of the ways! Gardening can support our health in so many ways. Please join us!

Gender Diverse Peer Support

(CRS Self Help)

A space for gender diverse folks (gender questioning, transgender, nonbinary, etc.) to come together and discuss successes and challenges with others who share their unique life experiences. This is a new group, and some class time will be devoted to working on how to make the group self-sustaining, peer-led, and most helpful. Gender questioning folks welcome!

The Gifts of Imperfections


We will be exploring the concepts from "The Gifts of Imperfections" written be Brene Brown. The Brene teaches us not to change ourselves to adapt to expectations, instead, we should embrace and engage with our imperfections. The core insights center on empathy, understanding, and adopting "wholehearted living", so that we will start living for ourselves, and not for other people. We will do some reading and writing exercises.

Let’s Talk Motivation

(CRS Problem Solving Skills)

In this class we will tap into abilities we already have and learn new techniques to set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, maintain enthusiasm and commitment through our needs, values, positive thinking, gratitude, resilience, and the different types of motivation. Our end goal is to understand what motivates us, recognize achievements, and develop a sense of personal growth.

Lunch Prep

(CRS WSM Basic Living Skills)

Come join us to improve your cooking skills and give back to the PROS community. We will work on preparing, cooking, and baking different recipes to share. Everyone is welcome whether you are a “seasoned” chef or just stepping into cooking for the first time. Cooking is a wonderful way to nourish yourself and others and a potential coping skill to add to your life.

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Mindful Movement

(CRS-Coping Skills Group)

Mindful Movement will be based on Tai Chi principles and exercises. We will practice grounding ourselves and noticing how our bodies feel while we focus on our movements. It is an opportunity to slow down, feel gravity and get our blood moving.

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

(CRS-WSM Problem Solving Skills Training)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the stress of life? In this class, we will learn different mindfulness techniques that research has shown can reduce stress when practiced regularly. We will focus on being in the present moment, as opposed to worrying about the past or future. Many people find this challenging, as we are so used to being on the go! Different activities will include: walking meditation, mindful breathing, body scan meditation, mindfulness journals, choiceless awareness, etc. Please join us with a non-judgmental & open mind as we navigate through different mindfulness strategies.)

Morning Stroll

(CRS WSM Coping Skills Group)

This will be a leisurely stroll – just taking in the morning air and appreciating the day before it gets too hot out. There is no destination, no hurries, just checking in and starting off the new week together.

My Grief Journey

(Intensive Rehabilitation – Relapse Prevention)

This class is for individuals who have lost someone close to them a result of death. It is not appropriate for other life losses such as relationships (break-up, divorce), employment, lifestyle due to Covid, etc. We will use an accompanying workbook & activities to support each other as we process our grief. Internet access is needed for some independent reading. Treatment modalities included: MI, CBT, DBT.

Online Games

(CRS – Basic Living Skills)

Many people struggle with building connections with others, basic social skills and overcoming anxiety to have comfortable social interactions. Join a group of peers and staff in playing games and engaging with one another – having fun while building skills!

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Shadow Work

(CRS Coping Skills)

In this group, we will explore ways to heal trauma and discover parts of ourselves that we may be repressing. These are parts of ourselves that can be referred to as our "shadow" because we may be avoiding or concealing them out of shame or discomfort. Although this may be difficult work at times, the purpose is to explore these parts in order to free ourselves of the heavy weight they often create. Through shadow work, we can learn to integrate these repressed parts and have a more holistic understanding of ourselves. We will learn to sit with uncomfortable feelings in a gentle way. Each group will include some reading, discussion, and journaling. Participants will be given a small journal to bring back each week. At the end of each group, we will engage in a grounding practice to help you transition to the next part of your day. This is a new group being offered for the first time in the Summer of 2023!

Substance Use Recovery

(Intensive Rehabilitation-IDDT)

This class is for participants in the early or maintenance stage of their recovery. We will explore the pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation and maintenance stages of recovery.

Participants will gain a better understanding of the stages of change and what stage they are in. Participants will learn strategies for cutting down or stopping substance use or maintaining their sobriety. Participants will clarify their values and decide which areas they would like to improve. This class includes an educational component focusing on the interactions between alcohol, drugs, and mental illness. A commitment to stop using substances is not required.

Tobacco and You

(CRS – Wellness/Self-Management Coping Skills Training)

This is an evidence-based group to help all types of tobacco users. It has the big goal of moving people into a tobacco free lifestyle. Although the focus is on tackling tobacco use, it includes sections on other parts of healthy living like: • improving diet • increasing activity • managing stress. This is intended for all smokers, even if you are not ready to quit now or if you are ready – knowledge is power.

12 Step Meeting

 (Intensive Rehabilitation-IDDT)


(CRS Coping Skills)

Urban Dictionary has this definition of a Walkabout: "A spontaneous journey through the wilderness of one's choosing in an effort to satisfy one's itchy feet, a need to be elsewhere, the craving for the open road, that space over the horizon" Talk about the impulse to keep moving on your recovery journey!

At PROS Walkabout will be an opportunity to connect with yourself and your physical surroundings through mindful walking, meditative practice and discussion of the affects of these practices on the barriers that get in the way in your life. Class will meet in the pyramid room and then walk to a designated park/space for a brief guided meditation and space to sit with nature, before reflecting together on the experience and then practicing walking meditation to return to the building. Locations will be identified in advance. Participants need to be able to ambulate to the location or meet us there. Wheelchairs and walkers are invited. We will move at a slow pace.

Working on Working

(Intensive Rehabilitation Goal Acquisition)

This group is appropriate for anyone who is currently working or who is interested in working. Topics of discussion will allow for sharing struggles and successes along participants’ recovery journeys as they work towards a goal of employment.


(CRS – WSM Coping Skills Training)

Yoga is an ancient coping skill developed over the centuries to help people relax, center, and manage everyday life. Yoga at PROS is taught by community Yoga instructors with a PROS staff for support. The instructor modifies the Yoga poses so that they are accessible to everyone. This includes practicing Yoga in a chair! Staff will help participants manage anxiety in the group setting, as it arises. Come and do something good for your body and mind!

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