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I VOTED Sticker Contest Announced for Tompkins County Students

In the spirit of President’s Day the Tompkins County Board of Elections is announcing a new initiative to increase civic engagement and participation by young people in Tompkins County. A contest to design an “I Voted” sticker is open to young people in grades 9-12, with submissions being accepted until May 1, 2023.

Contest rules and the submission form can be found online at:

Submitted artwork must say “I Voted” somewhere visible and must fit in a 2-inch by 2-inch circle. Submissions must be original artwork and may be hand drawn or created using a computer.

After all submissions are received, Tompkins County Board of Elections Staff will select up to six finalists for voting by the entire community. The sticker that receives the most votes from Tompkins County residents will be printed and distributed to all voters in the November 2023 general election. For updates from the Board of Elections, including the announcements on this contest, sign up for the department’s email newsletter.

A flyer is available for download and is being shared with schools and community organizations serving young people:

Republican Elections Commissioner Alanna Congdon stated, “We’ve seen great success in other communities with similar programs and can’t wait to see the artwork submitted by local students. We’re looking for creative ideas to celebrate voting, and we encourage all students in grades 9-12, regardless of your artistic experience, to submit your designs.” Congdon continued, “This is a great opportunity to help students learn about local elections processes and civic engagement.”

Democratic Elections Commissioner Stephen Dewitt stated, “Initiatives like this are great ways to draw interest to elections in years when there aren’t presidential campaigns, I think people will be excited about the young people who’ve shared their artwork with us to celebrate voting. We’re very excited to see what creativity we get from local students!”