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Legislators Share Remembrances of Their Colleague Henry Granison

At the November 7 public hearing regarding the 2023 County Budget, Legislators spoke about the recent passing of their colleague, Henry Granison, who resigned October 31 due to treatment for cancer. An obituary has been published by Granison’s family.

Chairwoman Shawna Black added a remembrance of Granison, “Tompkins County lost a fighter and a dear friend this past weekend. We’re mourning the loss of Legislator Henry Granison, a man who lived a full life of service and commitment to his community. I speak for all of his colleagues on the Legislature when I say we are grieving and that we are holding his family in our thoughts. Henry loved his constituents and leaves a legacy of civic engagement and integrity that we should all strive toward.”

Legislator Deborah Dawson stated, “Five years ago today Henry Granison won election to the Tompkins County Legislature… From the beginning five of us were determined to be friends as well as colleagues… Henry’s passing is a painful loss for us, just as it is for the staff who has worked with him for the past five years. His legacy to Tompkins County will live on year after year as we celebrate the Juneteenth holiday. We all send our deepest sympathies to his family.”

“I read his obituary this morning and learned a lot about Henry that I didn’t know – and frankly I was in awe, reading what he has done and the people he has helped. He has been an example for all of us. Since I’ve known him, Henry has been an adjunct professor at TC3 – that says a lot about him, learning to do courses online, helping people become paralegals, from the young people who want to take that to the older people who wanted to learn more about the law. That’s a great thing for someone to want to do, to be an educator,” Reflected Legislator Mike Lane.

Legislator Amanda Champion added, “Henry was very, very kind, and I’m not sure I ever heard him insult anyone. He will definitely be missed, he challenged us on the status quo – and on what we were asking and what we were doing… he was really good about calling us out and we need that. During COVID he kept track of the numbers and he pushed our staff to report as much as possible about everything that he could… he wrote an email to his constituents every single day, and posted it on his listserv. He was so committed to his constituents, and they appreciated it so much – constantly thanking him and appreciative of his reaching out.”

Anne Koreman memorialized Granison sharing an anecdote, “I remember sitting around the table at Deborah’s house, talking about what was really important to us. For Henry it was really easy, his was “inclusion, trust, and integrity.” He didn’t waver in that in his whole time. He didn’t brag a lot about what he had done… but this is what he has always done. I’m really glad we got this slice of his life to spend with him… to learn with him and to work together, that’s not something to be taken for granted.”

Legislator Mike Lane made a motion that the County flags be moved to half mast to honor Granison, which was unanimously seconded by the other Legislators.