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Tompkins County Convenes Shared Services Panel

Tompkins County has convened the 2022 Shared Services Panel to encourage municipalities to coordinate further to provide savings to community members. This is the fifth year of this New York State mandated practice. The panel includes the mayor of each city or village and the supervisor of each town. 

The panel will develop a County-Wide Shared Service Property Tax Savings Plan to identify, propose and implement new actions to save taxpayers money through shared, coordinated and more efficient services between local governments within the county.  To date, Tompkins County shared services projects have provided over $500,000 in savings to municipalities in and around Tompkins County. 

The panel is currently considering shared services related to: 

  • Information Technology Service Contracts 
  • Municipal Broadband
  • Highway Equipment Purchasing
  • Centralized Arraignment
  • Shared Radio Redundancy for Emergency Operations

Previous plans and progress on the 2022 plan can be found at

Each future panel meeting will allow for a Public Hearing at the beginning of the meeting to hear from members of the public regarding the plan and/or additional ideas for shared services. 

Upcoming meeting dates and times: 

  • October 14 - 5:30pm 
  • October 28 - 5:30 pm 
  • November 4 - 4:00pm 

Meetings are being held via Zoom. Members of the public that wish to participate in the Public Hearing can email Autumn Edwards at to be added to the agenda.