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Tompkins County Seeks Advisory Board Members for STOP-DWI and Traffic Safety Board

Tompkins County is encouraging interested members of the public to submit an application to join the newly merged STOP-DWI and Traffic Safety Board. The 15-member board is an advisory group to the Tompkins County Legislature and constitutes two recently merged groups. Following the recent merger, all fifteen seats are open for applications. The board is tasked with both promoting and encouraging highway traffic safety, and to act as the Advisory Board for the STOP-DWI Program. Applications are reviewed and approved by the Tompkins County Legislature and its Public Safety Committee.

The safety programs formulated by the board include programs to reduce alcohol and/or drug-related traffic offenses, highway safety programs, STOP-DWI education, study on traffic conditions and accidents, and recommendations of rules and regulations regarding traffic safety. The Board will work closely with local police agencies to establish programming.

Tompkins County Undersheriff Jennifer Olin stated, “This group helps keep people safe on the road. We review critical data, make recommendations, and inform the public and private sector on safety programs that make a difference in our community.” She continued, “We’re looking for a diverse group of people who are interested in this work – this is a truly collaborative effort with the community and we’re looking forward to engaging new people from different perspectives.”

The time commitment for service on the board includes monthly meetings and subcommittee and project work as agreed upon. Various term-length options are open, including one-, two-, and three-year terms. All applicants must be a resident of Tompkins County.

To submit an application to serve on the STOP-DWI and Traffic Safety Board, please complete this application form and submit to (you may also reach out to this email address with any questions). Tompkins County is seeking a group with diverse backgrounds to serve on this advisory board, individuals with relevant experience around programming, traffic safety, drug/alcohol education, victim services, recidivism, etc. that may enhance the County’s efforts are encouraged to apply.