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Planning - Hazard Mitigation

Tompkins County Multi-Jurisdictional
All-Hazards Mitigation Plan Update (2014)

In 2006, Tompkins County along with the Towns of Caroline, Danby, Enfield, Groton, Ithaca, Lansing and Ulysses developed the Tompkins County Multi-Jurisdictional All-Hazard Mitigation Plan (see below). This plan was prepared in response to The Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 which requires states and local governments prepare hazard mitigation plans to document their hazard planning needs, goals and strategies. By developing a FEMA approved hazard mitigation plan, participating communities are then eligible for FEMA pre-disaster mitigation funding. In order to maintain this eligibility, FEMA further requires that communities update plans every 5 years to more accurately reflect changes in risk and vulnerability.

The plan update now includes all 17 of the municipalities in Tompkins County and examines the risks associated with 22 different hazards including the potential impacts of climate change and gas drilling on those risks.

Tompkins County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update (March 2014) (Link to Draft Plan)

Plan Update Appendices (March 2014) (Link to Draft Plan Appendices)

2006 Tompkins County Multi-Jurisdictional All-Hazard Mitigation Plan:

2006 PDFReport Cover.pdf (2 mb)
2006 Word IconExecutive Summary.doc (100 kb)
2006 Word IconTable of Contents.doc (67 kb)
2006 Word IconSection 1.doc (57 kb) - Introduction
2006 Word IconSections 2 and 3.doc (187 kb) - Planning Processes and Plan Adoption
2006 Word IconSection 4.1.doc (167 kb) - Identification of Hazards
2006 Word IconSection 4.2.doc (2 mb) - Profiles of Hazards
2006 Word IconSection 4.3.doc (2 mb)- Assessing Vulnerability: Identification of Assets and Development Trends
2006 Word IconSection 4.4.doc (3 mb) - Assessing Vulnerability: Estimating Losses
2006 PDFSection 4.5 .pdf (65 kb)- Tompkins County's Multi-Jurisdictional Risk Assessment
2006 Word IconSection 5 .doc (693 kb) - Mitigation Strategies
2006 Word IconSection 6 .doc (65 kb) - Plan Maintenance Procedures
2006 Word IconAppendix A .doc (20 kb) - Adoption Resolutions
2006 Word IconAppendix B .doc (62 kb) - Glossary
2006 PDFAppendix C .pdf (92 kb) - Data Summary Matrix
2006 PDFAppendix D.pdf (76 kb) - Federal Mitigation Programs, Activities, and Initiatives
2006 Word IconAppendix E.doc (67 kb) - Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan - Principles, Policies, and Action Items
2006 PDFAppendix F.pdf (698 kb) - HAZUS-MH Risk Assessment Tool Hurricane Result
2006 Word IconAcronyms and References
.doc (210 kb)