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Water Resources Council Officers

Chairperson: Cynthia Brock
Vice Chairpersons: Frank Proto, Liz Cameron


Membership: There shall be three classes of members: voting members, non-voting ex officio members and associate members.

The Council shall consist of twenty one (21) voting members, These shall be:

1. Members representing each of the following County-supported organizations (5):

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County
  • Tompkins County Department of Planning
  • Tompkins County Division of Environmental Health
  • Tompkins County Environmental Management Council
  • Tompkins County Soil and Water Conservation District

2. Members representing the following water interests (11):

  • County government (1 representative)
  • Municipal government (3 representatives)
  • Agriculture (1 representative)
  • Business and industry (1 representative)
  • Environmental (1 representative)
  • Recreation (1 representative)
  • Water purveyor (1 representative)
  • Watershed organization(1 representative)

3. At-large members (6)


Committees -- Links are available on our homepage.



WRC Bylaws



Contact Us

Kristin McCarthy
phone: (607) 274-5560;
121 E. Court St., Ithaca, NY 14850