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Internal Jail Programs

  • Mens and Womens Alcoholics Anonymous: Program geared toward dealing with alcohol addiction.
  • Narcotics Anonymous: Program focused on assisting people in overcoming narcotics addiction.
  • Opportunities, Alternatives, and Resources: Assists inmates with various outside life needs after incarceration.
  • TASC (GED Program): Assist inmates in obtaining their High School Equivalency Diploma.
  • TALK and WRAP (run by Tompkins County Mental Health commission): A Wellness Recovery Action Plan: TALK is a therapeutic mental health group that allows people to freely talk about their concerns and issues.
  • The Mary Bogan College Initiative: Assists inmates who take the initiative to get registered and prepared for college. 
  • Ready, Set, Work: Helps inmates to prepare for a place in the workforce (resume prep, interviewing techniques, etc...).
  • Tompkins Learning Partners: Assists with inmates studying for High School Diploma.
  • Community Faith Ministries: A faith-based worship service provided to the inmates.
  • Golden Key Ministries: An additional faith-based worship service.
  • Reverend Whyte services: Faith-based worship/fellowship.
  • Courage to Change: A writing workshop that motivates and guides participants toward positive life change.
  • DBT: Exploring emotional regulation and mindfulness.
  • Catholic Bible Study: Exploring and studying faith-based practices.
  • Creative Writing: Reducing stress through writing practices.
  • Parenting Program: Aimed to help parents improve and strengthen their parenting skills and relationships with their children.