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On Monday, May 8th, the findings of the Tompkins County organization-wide compensation analysis were presented at the Legislature’s Budget, Capital & Personnel Committee meeting. The findings are published on the Tompkins County Human Resources Department’s website.

The analysis was commissioned by the Tompkins County Legislature in 2022 to benchmark the County’s current pay structure against the demands of the employment market by position title across bargaining units. Following a Request for Proposals (RFP), a contract was awarded to The Burke Group, a Rochester based group that specializes in compensation consulting services. The Burke Group conducted an analysis of salaries for each bargaining unit, including external salary surveys using local, regional, and comparable county labor market data, cost of living and general labor competition areas, to illustrate titles where salaries should be adjusted to maintain market competitiveness.

“The compensation analysis will tell us what we can do to be a more competitive and attractive employer of choice for our existing employees as well as those we hope will join us in finding fulfilling careers at Tompkins County. Our goal is to demonstrate that we value our employees, the work they do and the services they provide,” said Commissioner of Human Resources, Ruby Pulliam. 

Tompkins County continues to recruit employees for positions in nearly 30 departments positively impacting the community, for career opportunities visit: