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Workforce Development Board Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing workforce development programs and implementing strategies to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Tompkins County Workforce Development Board. The Executive Committee shall have all the authority of the Workforce Development Board and act on behalf of the Board as needed.

The Committee:

  • Oversees the activities of the Board and committees to ensure the satisfactory performance of workforce development programs pursuant to Title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
  • Develops and reviews program plans, reports, and documents for recommendations
  • Acts on behalf of the Board between regularly scheduled Board meetings when necessary
  • Reports actions taken in Executive Committee meetings at the next Board meeting
  • Increases the involvement of the business community in the planning, development, and implementation of the employment needs of the private sector
  • Promotes the general welfare and prosperity of Tompkins County, and to work toward assuring that all Tompkins County residents can work and earn a wage they can live on

Members of the committee shall include:

  • Officers of the Board
  • WDB members

Minimum Meeting Requirements:

  • Monthly and as needed


  • Scott Pronti - Chair - Vice President of Human Resources, Tompkins Trust Company
  • Kirra Franzese - Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Planning, Ithaca College
  • Kim Babuka - Senior Director, Workforce Planning and Compensation, Cornell University
  • Paul Levesque - President, HOLT Architects