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Department of Assessment

The Department of Assessment is open to the public M-F 8:00-4:30.  We do not close for lunch.  

The assessor is not involved in the levy, extension, collection or enforcement of local real property taxes.

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Welcome to the Department of Assessment (PDF Brochure)

Jay Franklin, Director of Assessment (
Irene Kehoe, Assistant Director of Assessment (

The 2022 Final Assessment Roll is now available!

The 2023 Preliminary Assessment Roll is now available.

File an online review of your 2023 Preliminary Assessment.

Download a fillable pdf to contest your 2023 Preliminary Assessment

Search for residential sales - new application.

Department of Assessment to Mail out Assessment Change Notes Starting February 10th.


Muni Date of Mailing Start of Appointments End of Appointments Last Day to Submit Review
City 2/10/2023 2/21/2023 3/10/2023 4/14/2023
Caroline 2/10/2023 2/21/2023 3/10/2023 4/14/2023
Danby 2/10/2023 2/21/2023 3/10/2023 4/14/2023
Dryden 3/17/2023 3/27/2023 4/14/2023 4/14/2023
Enfield 3/10/2023 3/20/2023 4/7/2023 4/14/2023
Groton 3/3/2023 3/13/2023 3/31/2023 4/14/2023
Ithaca 2/24/2023 3/6/2023 3/24/2023 4/14/2023
Lansing 3/3/2023 3/13/2023 3/31/2023 4/14/2023
Newfield 3/10/2023 3/20/2023 4/7/2023 4/14/2023
Ulysses 3/17/2023 3/27/2023 4/14/2023 4/14/2023

***Due to legislative changes, no new STAR exemptions can be granted.  All new applicants must now register with NYS for the STAR Credit Check - or call (518) 457-2036***

If you have an escrow account AND if your assessment has increased (or you lost an exemption that you once had), you should contact your escrow company and have your escrow adjusted to reflect the new anticipated tax amount.  

Thank you for visiting the Tompkins County Department of Assessment. This office was consolidated in 1970 to provide the highest possible service at the lowest possible cost to the residents of Tompkins County. Our office is dedicated to ensuring that all properties are assessed at a uniform percentage of market value.

We highly encourage all current and prospective property owners to review the Real Property Tax Cycle flow chart in order to be aware of all the important legal dates in our yearly process.

As always, our office is here to assist you in any way we can. 

Real Property Inventory Real Property Tax Exemptions
Tax Maps Tax Rate Spreadsheets (Assessment Rolls)

Senior and Low Income Disability Exemption Income Limits
Veteran Exemption Scale
All Local Option Exemptions by taxing jurisdiction