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For Poll Workers

How do I become a Pollworker?

In Tompkins County more than 300 people are needed to work as election inspectors and operate the polls on Election Day. You must be 17 or older, a registered voter in Tompkins County (or pre-registered if under 18), represent either the Republican or Democratic Party, and enjoy people and service to others.

When Am I Needed?

Just a few days a year:

  • Primary Day in June 5:30a.m. –9:30p.m. (approx.)
  • Election Day in November 5:30a.m. –9:30p.m. (approx.)

What do I Have to Do?

  • Report to work at the designated time
  • Prepare the polling place for voting
  • Set up the voting equipment
  • Process the voters
  • Demonstrate voting procedures to the voters
  • Close the polling place at 9:00p.m.
  • Canvass and report the results
  • Attend an inspector training class every year
  • Attend a session for machine training yearly

Will I be Paid? YES!

  • $18.45 an hour for General Election and Primary Day
  • $40 for attending training

If you are interested in becoming a pollworker, contact us.

128 East Buffalo Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 274-5522