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E-Recording Information and Forms

What is eRecording?
eRecording is the electronic recording of land record documents. It’s the process by which they are transmitted via the Internet to our office for official recording.

How do I eRecord documents?
All of the documents you eRecord with our office must be done through one of the portal companies listed below.  To eRecord, you must sign up with one or both of these companies. 

When did eRecording start?
As per NYS law, eRecording started on 9/24/2012.  

Is eRecording mandatory for the filing of all land records?
No, NYS law gives us permission to accept eRecorded documents but does not allow us to mandate it.

How is eRecording different from eFiling?
eRecording is the electronic filing of land records and eFiling is the electronic filing of court records.

Who are the portal companies and why should they be contacted?
They should be contacted to register to eRecord and inquire about their per document charge.


E-Recording Video

CSC Corporation Service Company

(866) 652-0111  

CSC Powerpoint

CSC E-Recording Video


Phone (801) 373-0151



Phone (888)325-3365