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Eleven Tompkins County Legislators Sign Letter In Support of the Medical Aid in Dying Act, S2445/A0995A

Text of the Letter (Senate Version, Assembly Version)

We, the undersigned County Legislators of Tompkins County, New York, are writing in support of the Medical Aid in Dying Act, S2445/A0995A. We had a public meeting on this topic on October 16, 2023. Based on the information we have read and heard, we support the right of a person with a 6-month terminal diagnosis to make their own medical decisions, including the right to end their suffering under medical supervision, as outlined in the bill. We understand that some people feel that this bill opens up the possibility that an individual could be taken advantage of, but we also feel that the bill contains numerous safeguards to protect individuals from manipulation. The Medical Aid in Dying Act would result in a practical, dignified, and responsible end-of-life option for Tompkins County residents who find themselves in this situation.


Shawna Black, Chairwoman, District 11

Dan Klein, Vice Chair, District 7

Travis Brooks, District 1

Veronica Pillar, District 2

Susan Currie, District 3

Richard John, District 4

Anne Koreman, District 5

Randy Brown, District 8 Tompkins County

Deborah Dawson, District 10

Amanda Champion, District 12

Gregory N. Mezey, District 13