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Department of Probation and Community Justice

Department of Probation and Community Justice

Message from the Director

Updated 7/28/2020

The Probation Department remains open for normal business from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at this time. Our Day Reporting Program and Victim Impact Panel are suspended until further notice. Please check this website frequently, email us or call  our main phone line, (607-274-5380)  for additional updates as circumstances may change.

I encourage all of our clients to contact their probation officer by telephone to check in, schedule appointments, and keep us aware of any changes in your situation. We will also continue to meet with people at their homes and places of employment. As always, a note from your medical provider will be honored if you are sick. If a medical provider has told you to stay home, or you are exhibiting flu symptoms, please contact a medical provider by phone and follow their instructions. Please do not report to the Probation Department if you are ill. We are trying to stay healthy so that we can provide quality services to the community.

The philosophy, mission and goal of this department is to assist you and support you in living a safer, healthier, and more rewarding life. We will also take action if people choose to put themselves at risk, or harm and put other members of the community at risk.

It is important for each of us to summon the best in ourselves at this time and to think about how our behaviors impact other people.  Take care of yourself, take care of your loved ones, and be kind to other people. We are all going through a situation that few, if any, of us have dealt with before. It effects each of us in different ways, but the simple approach in the previous sentence will help each of us as individuals, and as a community, to get through this public health crisis. We will end up stronger from the lessons learned, and life will return to normal.

If you need support we are here to provide you with assistance and links to resources to the best of our ability.

Daniel Cornell,
Probation Director



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