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Probation - ESSO - Greatest Risk Supervision

Enhanced Supervision and Sentencing Options

Greatest Risk Supervision
Greatest Risk Supervision Probation is an option for those individuals who present the greatest level of risk to recidivate and thus fail local or state incarceration. The caseload size is smaller than that of a regular supervision caseload, which allows the Probation Officer to provide more meaningful supervision and service delivery through increased contacts with the probationer. As a result, the Probation Officer is able to identify problems early and ensure that services are delivered to the probationer so that they are given every possible opportunity to modify their behavior to a law abiding lifestyle.

The goals of Greatest Risk Supervision are as follows:

  • to ensure public safety through restrictive supervision and monitoring
  • to promote law-abiding, productive behavior through effective case management services
  • to hold offenders accountable
  • to reduce the criminal justice system's reliance on incarceration
  • to reduce state and local costs for incarceration
  • to improve the likelihood of a successful outcome

Greatest Risk Supervision is a time limited duration of 9-12 months. If successful on this caseload, the probationer is transferred to a regular caseload for ongoing supervision.