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Probation -ESSO - Pretrial Release

Enhanced Supervision and Sentencing Options

Pretrial Release
The Pretrial Release Program facilitates release for incarcerated individuals who meet appropriate criteria. All defendants in custody at the Tompkins County Public Safety Building who have bail set by a court are given the opportunity to be interviewed for this program. A Probation Assistant reports to the jail daily and conducts an initial screening and personal interview with the defendants. A cursory investigation is then conducted into the defendant’s legal, social, and employment history with emphasis placed on past cooperation with court orders, prior warrants for failing to appear in court, and personal references to determine the defendant’s potential for appearing for future court dates. Following an evaluation as to the defendant’s ties to the community and potential flight risk from their legal charges, a recommendation is made to the court regarding release status. The options include: Release on Recognizance (ROR), reduced bail, or release under supervision (RUS) to the Probation Department with options of Electronic Monitoring or Day Reporting as a Condition of Release if appropriate.