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Probation - PINS

(PINS) Persons in Need of Supervision

A Person in Need of Supervision is a youth under the age of eighteen who is showing a pattern of habitual disobedience, running away, curfew violations, substance abuse, violent behavior, or school truancy problems. Most PINS referrals are made by parents or school districts. PINS Diversion Services attempt to resolve the conflicts that brought a youth to the attention of the Probation Department by offering supervision, guidance, and referrals to community resources. Referrals may be made for individual and/or family counseling, mediation, youth advocacy programs, respite, or educational or employment assessments and opportunities. Probation Officers work closely with schools to address issues of truancy and/or behavior problems by meeting with teachers, advocating for testing or support services in the school, and by helping parents develop more communication with the school administration. Probation Officers within the Family Court unit are assigned to specific school districts and are present at those schools on a weekly basis.