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Tompkins County Highway Department Shares Details on New Green Blinking Lights on Snow and Ice Vehicles

Tompkins County residents may notice new green blinking lights on snowplows and other local municipal snow and ice vehicles. The new lights have been installed to increase visibility during hazardous conditions as green and blinking lights are more likely to be seen by motorists approaching a snow or ice vehicle.

The installation comes following Chapter 504 being signed into New York State law in 2022.

Tompkins County has published freely downloadable photographs of local snowplows and other Highway Department vehicles to show examples of the green lights in action. The County is encouraging community organizations and municipalities to share information about the new green lights with residents and motorists.

Director of the Tompkins County Highway Department Jeff Smith commented, “This is a positive for the safety of our roads in Tompkins County. During hazardous winter conditions our vehicles will be more visible to motorists and pedestrians. When you see one of our vehicles operating on the roads in hazardous conditions, please drive safely to avoid collision.”