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February 29, 2024 - Transparency Hub UPDATE

My office is happy to announce the release of yet another dashboard consisting of the work done by our unarmed Civilian Response Unit. In 2022, we created the unit which received funding through the Legislature for two Sheriff Clerk positions that make up the new unit. The unit handles non-emergency calls for service both inhouse and over the telephone, diminishing the need to send a Sheriff Deputy. 

Calls handled by the unit include property check requests, telephone scam complaints, fraud, minor theft, and noise complaint reports. Calls received by the Department of Emergency Response (911 Center) are vetted and then dispatched to either the Civilian Response Unit or a Road Patrol Deputy as most appropriate. This program provides a better response to our community, while also freeing up our road patrol resources for more emergent calls. The unit also handles our Sex Offender Management program.

Although the Sheriff's Office has been funded for two Clerk positions, due to the Civil Service process we have only had one Clerk in the unit for the majority of the past two years. It is our hope to have the second position filled soon, once the results of the latest civil service test are received from New York State.

Sam Pulliam, our current member in the unit has been a huge asset to our office and the community and I am proud of the work he does each and every day. He is a kind and compassionate resource to our community and performs his work with honor, pride, and integrity. Mr. Pulliam works Monday through Friday each week during daytime hours. It is our hope to provide the service during the evening as well once our second Clerk is selected.

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Derek R. Osborne

Sheriff of Tompkins County

779 Warren Road

Ithaca, NY 14850