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Kenney & New K9


With recent departures/retirements of narcotics K-9's in Tompkins County and the continuing drug epidemic and associated conduct affecting our community, the Sheriff's Office has decided to add a single purpose narcotics detection canine to the Sheriff's Office team.

The Sheriff's Office located and selected the pictured canine from Shallow Creek Kennels located in Sharpsville, PA. He is a one-and-a-half-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer.

The Sheriff's Office was able to purchase the police canine in part due to a generous donation from Sean’s K9. Sean's K-9 is a non-profit organization that was formed by Sean Walsh's friends and family just days after his mother, Cheryl, learned of Sean's death while serving overseas in the Military. They were motivated not only by their love for Sean, but by their desire to fulfill his dream of being a K-9 Handler. The organization makes it possible for other deserving Police Officers to fulfill their dream in Sean's memory. Led by Cheryl, the team started the process of forming the Foundation and thru donations to the non-profit organization provide funding to Police Departments across the country so that they can initiate and sustain Police K9 programs. For further information about Sean’s K9, visit their Facebook page (at Sean’s K-9s), or on their website at

The canine and his handler, Deputy Kenney, will soon both begin the process of becoming single purpose certified in Narcotics Detection and will hopefully be certified by April 2024. This single purpose detection canine will not be crossed trained in bite or apprehension work. The canine will be trained in a passive detection alert, meaning the canine will indicate the presence of drugs by sitting in front of the detected location. With the legalization of marijuana, the canine will not be trained to detect cannabis. Similar to K-9 Laker, this canine will be approachable and be capable of working in and around people, including children.

At this time the Sheriff's Office is seeking the community’s assistance with naming the canine. Members of the Sheriff's Office have come up with four names that hold meaning to this community and we are now asking community members to vote for one of the four names through our poll.

Please join Tompkins County Sheriff Derek Osborne in thanking members of Sean’s K9 and Shallow Creek Kennels for making this new K9 Team possible for the Tompkins County community and Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office.