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ARCHANGELS is a national movement and a platform that is reframing how caregivers are seen, honored, and supported using a combination of data and stories. We believe shining a light on caregivers so they feel seen, honored, and supported is the first line of care. Our Caregiver Intensity Index (CII) is designed to engage all caregivers, even those who do not see themselves in that role.  The platform provides each caregiver with a ‘score’ that not only validates their experience, but crosswalks them over to the resources that exist but often go underutilized due to lack of awareness. ARCHANGELS provides communities (including states, employers, healthcare providers, and payers) with an omni-channel data-driven engagement approach that changes caregiver’s lives (as well as top and bottom lines) for the better. Connect with ARCHANGELS at


The New York State Office for the Aging, the New York State Department of Labor, and the New York State Department of Health Join with Businesses to Better Understand and Support Working Caregivers


A "caregiver" is defined as a family, friend, or neighbor who helps an individual with their daily living. There are an estimated 4.1 million caregivers in New York State who provide 2.68 billion hours of unpaid care. If paid for at market rate, the cost of that care would be $32 billion annually.

In the U.S. today, one in six employees spends on average more than 20 hours a week providing care for a loved one. Caregiving costs U.S. businesses an estimated $50 billion a year in lost productivity.

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