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Workshop Series

In February - May of 2021, the Tompkins County Age Friendly Center for Excellence held a series of 4 workshops entitled Age Friendly + Tompkins County: Why It Matters to All Agencies, Residents, & Visitors.  These workshops covered the topics of what age friendly is, health and wellness, the built environment and resources for governments and stakeholders.  


WORKSHOP #1What is Age Friendly Anyway? How it Benefits Agencies, Residents, Visitors, and Businesses

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WORKSHOP #2Spaces & Places: Leveraging the Built Environment for Successful Age Friendly Communities

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WORKSHOP #3Planning for Age Friendly Communities: Resources for Local Governments & Community Members

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WORKSHOP #4Age Friendly for Community Health and Wellness

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Additional Resources

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Tompkins County Age Friendly Center for Excellence Workshop Toolkit

"Fitting Together the Needs of an Aging Population" by Meghan Stromberg

"Age Friendly Rural Planning" by Jeffrey Spivak

Community Assessment Tool


The Longevity Economy viewpoint is data analyses from AARP describing the contributions of
Americans age 50+ years-old as they contribute to a significant portion of the economy.

AARP Network of Age-Friendly Cities
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communities looking to meet the needs of their older citizens and all citizens across the

The AARP Community Challenge awards small grants to fund quick action projects that can
help communities become more livable for people of all ages. For more information and to

Learn more about the World Health Organization (WHO) Age-Friendly Cities

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Best Practices Report by Jeremy Xu - “Multiagency Response To Food Insecurity During The
Covid-19 Pandemic, Best Practices Report.