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Social Engagement and Community

Social Isolation has been an issue for many older adults that has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  At the Office for the Aging we have several programs available to provide older adults with social engagement and reduce isolation and loneliness.  For more information on these or any of our services please call us at 607-274-5482.


Project CARE Friendly Visiting

Project CARE is a friendly visiting program that provides in-home support to family caregivers as well as direct help to frail, homebound older adults.  Project CARE volunteers provide weekly visits and supports older adults and caregivers in a variety of ways according to their needs.

               Project Generations

               Project Generations is a sister program of Project CARE and is coordinated through Ithaca College and Cornell University.  Project Generations engages students with older adults for friendly visits promoting intergenerational experiences.

For more information on Project CARE and Project Generations click here.

ElliQ                                                   ElliQ Robot                                                                                        

ElliQ is a digital care companion that helps older adults remain active, engaged, and independent. Designed for individuals that spend most of their day alone, ElliQ empowers older adults to take control of their physical, mental, and social health. ElliQ proactively offers health and wellness support, entertainment, communication features, and a concierge service to help with daily activities.




Joy for All Companion Pets                    

We have several cats and dogs that are available for "adoption". These interactive animatronic pets offer support, comfort, and companionship to older adults.

Visit the Joy for All Companion Pets Website.




VSC (Virtual Senior Center)                                                                                                      Older adult

The Virtual Senior Center (VSC) gives older adults a place to go, learn, explore, and socialize without having to go anywhere. An active online community with live courses 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, the VSC is a constant and welcoming companion to help make meaningful connections.  Our office will be partnering with our local Senior Center, Lifelong, to provide this service.

Visit the VSC Website.




Join A Community

Lifelong- 607-273-1511

Lifelong is a community center for those age 50 & older. They offer health and wellness activities, creative arts, social groups and classes, as well as help with tax preparation, Medicare, tech support and more!


GIAC Senior Program- 607-272-3622

GIAC's Senior Program holds monthly group activities for people age 60+ who enjoy a variety of social, cultural, and recreational programs.


Love Living at Home- 607-319-0162

LLH is a member-driven organization that enables older adults to live vibrantly while aging in place through mutual support, volunteer-provided services, and engaging programming.


For more information contact the Office for the Aging at 607-274-5482