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Fiscal de Distrito

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District Attorney Matthew Van Houten


The District Attorney's Office is open by appointment only. If you'd like to discuss a case, please contact the office by telephone or email.   




The Tompkins County District Attorney’s Office is responsible for the promotion of public safety through the prosecution of criminal offenses defined under State law, committed within Tompkins County. The District Attorney’s Office is committed to a progressive strategy of diverting individuals from the traditional prosecutorial model toward alternatives to incarceration focused on addressing the underlying individual needs that lead to involvement in the criminal justice system.


Declaración de objetivos

The Mission of the Tompkins County District Attorney’s Office is:

To do the right thing, in pursuit of justice, while honoring the Tompkins County Values of Integrity, Accountability, Community and Respect;

To exercise the authority of this office with honesty, fairness, humility and candor;

To hold individuals, ourselves and the criminal justice system accountable for our actions and our decisions;

To promote a safe, healthy, and just community by implementing evidence-based approaches to reducing crime, supporting victims in healing, and demonstrating our commitment that our criminal justice system must be fair for everyone; and

To commit to embracing a culture of inclusiveness where we treat others with dignity, understanding and compassion.


Declaración de diversidad del condado de Tompkins

"El gobierno del condado de Tompkins centra la diversidad, la equidad y la inclusión. Estamos comprometidos con el empoderamiento de los empleados y residentes para desmantelar las barreras sistémicas que inhiben la gobernanza inclusiva y la prestación de servicios gubernamentales para todos." 

Capital centrado en el condado de Tompkins