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Tompkins County COVID-19 Data Dashboard

The TCHD has instituted a new reporting dashboard for Tompkins County's COVID-19 data, effective December 21, 2022. The daily table maintained by the TCHD since April 2020 will be removed from the homepage. The COVID-19 Data Page will remain, though it will no longer be updated.

Data iconWHILE the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have lessened, the virus continues to circulate throughout the community. The dashboard below gives residents and visitors a quick overview of the current state of  the COVID-19 disease in Tompkins County using data from the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The data displayed in the dashboard are linked directly to NYSDOH and CDC datasets. The values update automatically when the source is available during the week. The dashboard will be reviewed by TCHD every Friday to update data as needed (except on holidays).

Tompkins County COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Data source color codes: NYSDOH | CDC. Source details below.

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Data Notes & Sources

TCHD no longer reports the number of tests conducted.

Hospital capacity is tracked based on the number of beds used for COVID-19 patients. Cayuga Health System reports their capacity directly to NYS, and the dashboard will reflect this data.

Death data is from the NYSDOH system. Previously, TCHD reported this information based on the death certificates processed by Tompkins County Vital Records; county residents whose death occurs in county, or if they are informed by an out-of-county entity. NYSDOH tabulates from death certificates statewide.

Case Rate and Positives Last 7 Days is from PCR tests only, and do not include any cases which test positive by antigen tests. Thus, they do not reflect the full number of Covid infections occurring in our county.

Percent Positive Last 7 Days only reflects those who have chosen to get a PCR test or were required to have a PCR test for medical, employment, travel, or other reasons. Thus, they reflect a selected population which may not reflect the community at large.

COVID-19 vaccination data comes directly from the CDC, including fully vaccinated with the primary series, fully vaccinated with the first booster, and vaccinated with the bivalent booster. In calculating the percentages, the CDC uses the following populations (denominator):

  • for the fully vaccinated primary series, the full county population, 102,180; 
  • for the fully vaccinated + first booster, those who have completed the primary series, which will change as more residents complete the primary series; and
  • for the bivalent booster, ages 5 and up, 98,313. 

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