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Community Services Board Subcommittees

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About the Community Services Board (CSB) 

Each county in New York State is required under NYS Mental Hygiene Law (Title E, Article 41) to have a Community Services Board (CSB). The primary function of the CSB is to develop and approve the local services plan for mental hygiene services and advocate for services in Tompkins County. Members are appointed by the County Legislature. Whenever practical, membership shall include a licensed physician and a licensed psychologist, but at least two members shall be licensed physicians.

Community Services Board Subcommittees

The CSB has three separate subcommittees. These are responsible for program planning by identifying areas of strength and need in the community including participation in the development of the local community services plan for the disability they represent. Their recommendations are taken to the Community Services Board for its consideration.

The subcommittees are:

  • Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee, for services to the intellectually and developmentally disabled 
  • Mental Health Subcommittee, for services to the mentally ill 
  • Substance Use Subcommittee, for services to those suffering from substance use disorder 

Each subcommittee consist of nine members each with four-year terms. Each subcommittee has six community member seats and three mental health board representative seats.

Subcommittee Meetings

All meetings are held in the Tompkins County Mental Health Center, 6th Floor Board Room, or via Zoom. If you have any questions or wish to verify a meeting day and time, email Karan Palazzo or call her at 607-274-6250.

Information about and meeting dates for the Community Services Board, click here.


Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee

  • James Beaumont and Jeff Boles, Co-Chairs
  • Meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 10:00am–11:00am.
Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee 2024
January 9 Agenda | Minutes
February 13 Agenda | Minutes
March 12 Agenda | Minutes
April 9 Agenda | Minutes
May 14 Agenda | Minutes
June 11 Agenda | Minutes
July 9 Agenda | Minutes
August 6 No Meeting
September 10 Agenda | Minutes
October 8 Agenda | Minutes
November 12 Agenda | Minutes
December 10 Agenda | Minutes
Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee 2023
January 10 Agenda | Minutes
February 14 Agenda | Minutes
March 14 Agenda | Minutes
April 11 Agenda | Minutes
May 9 Agenda | Minutes
June 13 Agenda | Minutes
July 11 Agenda | Minutes
August 8 No Meeting
September 12 Agenda | Minutes
October 10 Agenda | Minutes
November 14 Agenda | Minutes
December 12 Agenda | Minutes

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Mental Health Subcommittee

  • Larry Roberts, Chair
  • Meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 1:00pm–2:30pm.
Mental Health Subcommittee 2024
January 16 Agenda | Minutes
February 20 Agenda | Meeting Canceled
March 19 Agenda | Minutes
April 16 Agenda | Minutes
May 14 Agenda | Minutes
June 18 Agenda | Minutes
July 16 Agenda | Minutes
August 13 No Meeting
September 17 Agenda | Minutes
October 15 Agenda | Minutes
November 19 Agenda | Minutes
December 17 Agenda | Minutes

Mental Health Subcommittee 2023
January 17 Agenda | Minutes
February 21 Agenda | Minutes
March 21 Agenda | Minutes
April 18 Agenda | Minutes
May 16 Agenda | Minutes
June 20 Agenda | Minutes
July 18 Agenda | Minutes
August 15 No Meeting
September 19 Agenda | Minutes
October 17 Agenda | Minutes
November 21  
December 19  

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Substance Use Subcommittee

  • Jacob Parker-Carver and Marley Brooks, Co-Chairs
  • Meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 12:00pm–1:00pm.
Substance Use Subcommittee 2024
January 10 Agenda | Minutes
February 14 Agenda | Minutes
March 13 Agenda | Minutes
April 10 Agenda | Minutes
May 8 Agenda | Minutes
June 12 Agenda | Minutes
July 10 Agenda | Minutes
August 14 No Meeting
September 11 Agenda | Minutes
October 9 Agenda | Minutes
November 13 Agenda | Minutes
December 11 Agenda | Minutes

Substance Use Subcommittee 2023
January 11 Agenda | Minutes
February 8 Agenda | Minutes
March 8 Agenda | Minutes
April 12 Agenda | Minutes
May 10 Agenda | Minutes
June 14 Agenda | Minutes
July 12 Agenda | Minutes
August 9 No Meeting
September 13 Agenda | Minutes
October 11 Agenda | Minutes
November 8 Agenda | Minutes
December 13 Agenda | Minutes

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Advisory Board Application

If you are interested in serving as a member on an advisory board, please fill out this application and send it by email to, fax to 607-274-5430, or mail to Tompkins County Legislature, 121 E Court Street, Ithaca, NY 14850. Applications can also be found on the County website or can be picked up in person. We can also send an application by mail or by email to interested persons.  We recommend that applicants attend a meeting. Contact Tompkins County Mental Health at 607-274-6250.

Community Services Board

There are 15 CSB members with four-year terms. There is no limit on the number of terms a member may serve.

  • 1 Certified psychologist or licensed physician (may be filled with at-large if no psychologist or physician applies)
  • 1 Licensed physician (may be filled with at-large member if no physician applies) and
  • 13 At-large members.

CSB Subcommittees

Each subcommittee consist of nine members each with four-year terms. Each subcommittee has six community member seats and three mental health board representative seats.

Local Services Plan 2024-2028

The Tompkins Mental Hygiene Local Services Plan for 2024-2028 was developed by a workgroup composed of the Chair of the Community Services Board, Chair and Co-Chairs of the Mental Health, Substance Use and Developmental Disabilities Subcommittees and the Director of Community Services. The workgroup solicited feedback from community members, local provider agencies, and Community Service Board and subcommittee members through a Local Services Plan Priority Needs Survey conducted in May and June 2023.  A total of 106 service providers, 163 community members and 10 board and subcommittee members participated in the survey.  Survey data related to mental hygiene services identified in the Community Survey completed by Public Health Services of Whole Health in July 2022 was also reviewed by the workgroup.  There were 1,569 community members who participated in this survey.

Open and download the Local Services Plan 2024-2028 here.

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