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Temporary Food Permit

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Serving food to the public requires a valid permit from the Health Department.

If you plan preparation and service of food to the public at a temporary event, please contact the Tompkins County Health Department. All food prepared/ served at temporary events must be made at the event or at a facility currently under permit.

Application to obtain a Temporary Food Permit:

Your application must be submitted to the Tompkins County Health Department at least two weeks prior to the event to avoid expediting fee. The application will be reviewed, and if conditions of Part 14-2 of the New York Sanitary Code can be met, a permit will be issued. Please take note that fees may be required. Fees are determined based on the duration of the event (one day or multiple days) and the complexity of the menu (simple or complex menu). Our office will contact you after receiving and reviewing your application and inform you if fees are due.

Some Tompkins County restaurants may obtain permission to serve food at events other than at their restaurants. If you own/ operate a restaurant in Tompkins County, call the Health Department to find out if you are allowed to do so and for further information.

Temporary Food Permit Training

You must complete a training quiz once a year in order to be issued a Temporary Food Service Permit.
  (1) View training slides online then link to the quiz on the final slide, or
  (2) Download training PDF, or
  (3) Go directly to the training quiz


  • Visit our FAQ page for more information and applicable fees.


  • Environmental Health Div., Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Call (607) 274-6688 or send an email.

Workers’ Comp & Disability Info

Your permit to operate will not be issued unless one or more of the following forms are submitted with your application.

1. When WC/DB coverage IS provided:

A. Workers' Compensation:

  • Form C-105.2 – Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance (issued by the applicant's insurance carrier); OR
  • Form U-26.3 – Certificate of Workers' Compensation Insurance (issued by the State Insurance Fund); OR
  • Form SI-12 – Certificate of Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance, OR
  • GSI – 105.2 – Certificate of Participation in Workers' Compensation Group Self-Insurance; AND

B. Disability Benefits:

  • DB-120.1 - Certificate of Disability Benefits (issued by the applicant's insurance carrier); OR
  • Form DB-155 – Certificate of Disability Benefits Self-Insurance

2. When WC/DB coverage IS NOT provided. (This includes Not-for-profit organizations)

  • Form CE-200 – Certificate of Attestation of Exemption from NYS Workers' Compensation and/or Disability Benefits Coverage.

If you or the organization has no employees, you/ the organization are required to have Workers’ Compensation and Disability exempt form CE-200 (no employees.)

You or your representative may access the online application at the Workers’ Compensation Board website at Click the “WC/DB Exemption” button on the Board’s main web page and then click on “Request for WC/DB Exemption (Form CE-200).” After completing the online application, the certificate of exemption can be immediately printed. The form must be dated and signed by you/ organization representative. Call 1-866-802-3604 to have an application sent to you or your organization (takes 4–6 weeks).

F.A.Q. for Temporary Food Service Permits

Fact Sheets for Temporary Food Service (all PDF, 154KB or less)