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Adopt-A-Highway Participating Groups


Interested in joining? Please email us for an application:


Cayuga Nordic Ski Club (since 1993), CR164R (Ringwood Road), Pleasant Hollow Road to 553 Ringwood Road, 1.0 mile

Fireside Farm & Friends (since 1994), CR162A (Irish Settlement Road), Tehan Road to Beam Hill Road, 1.5 miles

Danby Pirates Club (since 1994), CR125 (South Danby Road), beginning at Rt. 96B, 2.0 miles

TST BOCES, Alternative and Exceptional Education (since 1997), CR121 (Warren Road), Lansing Village Line to Hanshaw Road, 0.85 mile

Pick-Up Pacers (since 1998), CR134 (Millard Hill Road), Rt.13 to Trumbulls Corners Road, 4.0 miles

Tompkins Community Action (since 2001), CR137 (Bostwick Road), Rt. 13A to Sheffield Road, 2.5 miles

Finger Lakes VFW Post 961, In Memory of Fallen Comrades (since 2003), CR109H (Hanshaw Road), Sapsucker Woods Road to Rt. 13, 1.52 miles

Cayuga Heights Volunteer Fire Company (since 2003), CR109H (Hanshaw Road), Village of Cayuga Heights Line to Sapsucker Woods Road, 1.34 miles

Beautiful Brooktondale (since 2003), CR113W (White Church Road), Valley Road to Central Chapel Road, 0.95 mile

Brooktondale Volunteer Fire Company (since 2004), CR115V (Valley Road), Old Brooktondale Road to Boiceville Road, 1.98 miles

The Strebel Planning Group (since 2005), CR173 (Game Farm Road), Rt. 366 to Stevenson Road, 0.32 mile

Groton National Honor Society (since 2005), CR169SM (South Main Street Ext.), Village of Groton Line to Lick Street, 1.02 miles

In Memory of Kevin Walter Arsenault 1955-1998 (since 2005), CR114 (Boiceville Road), Rt. 79 to Valley Road, 0.6 mile

T-S-T BOCES, New Visions – Agricultural & Environmental Science Program (since 2007), CR121 (Warren Road), Rt. 13 to Cherry Road, 1.5 miles

Dryden Rotary Club (since 2007), CR163 (North Road), Rt. 13 to Fall Creek Road, 2.48 miles

Cornell Environmental Health & Safety (since 2008), CR174P & CR174J (Pine Tree Road), Rt. 79 to Rt. 366, 1.57 miles

In Memory of Jack Hunter (since 2009), CR108WD (West Dryden Road), Wood Road to Sheldon Road, 1.0 mile

Log Country Inn B&B (since 2009), CR125 (South Danby Road), 2.0 miles south of Rt. 96B to Tioga County Line, 2.82 miles

Creek Kids (since 2009), CR159L (Ludlowville Road), Brickyard Road to Rt. 34B, 2.0 miles

Hortus Forum (since 2009), CR121 (Warren Road), Hanshaw Road to Forest Home Drive, 1.0 mile

Country Inn & Suites Ithaca (since 2009), CR128C (Comfort Road), Rt. 96B to Jersey Hill Road, 1.69 miles

Detachment 520 Air Force R.O.T.C. (since 2011), CR110EH (Ellis Hollow Road), Pine Tree Road to Turkey Hill Road, 1.0 mile

Tompkins Connect (since 2012), CR108A (Asbury Road), Warren Road to West Dryden Road, 1.44 miles

The Elm Tree Inn, In Memory of Brandy Reeves (since 2014), CR105MC (McLean-Cortland Road), Gulf Hill Road to Cortland County Line, 1.8 miles

In Memory of Rodger K. Wright (since 2014), CR142 (Perry City Road), Rt. 96 to Halseyville Road, 2.0 miles

Rawlings Construction, LLC (since 2015), CR110EH (Ellis Hollow Road), Turkey Hill Road to Ellis Hollow Creek Road, 2.5 miles

Kionix, Inc. (since 2015), CR109H & CR182H (Hanshaw Road), Rt. 13 to Neimi Road, 1.5 miles

Emma's Acres LLC (since 2015), CR108WD (West Dryden Road), Rt. 38 to Wood Road, 2.0 miles 

Technology Student Association, DeWitt Middle School (since 2015), CR121 (Warren Road), Cherry Road to Asbury Road, 1.5 miles

Scheidweiler's (since 2016), CR107 (Peruville Road), Salt Road to Lick Street, 1.0 miles

Buck Farm Inc. (since 2016), CR151 (VanOstrand Road), Rt. 34B to Buck Road, 1.3 miles

Tritown Masonic Lodge (since 2016), CR107 (Peruville Road), Fall Creek Road to Salt Road, 1.5 miles

Old Stage (since 2016),  CR107 (Peruville Road), Rt. 38 to Lick Street, 1.0 mile

Cornell University - Donor Relations (since 2016), CR180 (Lafayette Road), Rt. 222 to Church Street, 2.7 miles

Cayuga Ski & Cyclery (since 2016), CR115C (Central Chapel Road), Boiceville Road to Old 76 Road, 1.0 mile

Finger Lakes Cycling Club, (since 2016), CR162 (Midline Road), Ringwood Road to Irish Settlement Road, 2.29 miles & CR164R (Ringwood Road), #553 to Ellis Hollow Creek Road, 1.67 miles

Nimba Inc. (since 2017), CR140 (Dubois Road), Kraft Road to Rt. 96, 3.55 miles

AEPi Iota Eta Chapter (since 2017), CR119 (Coddington Road), Ithaca College to German Cross Road, 4.0 miles

Pi Delta Psi Fraternity Inc. (since 2017), CR109ER (Etna Road), Hanshaw Road to Upper Creek Road, 2.32 miles

Psychotherapy of the Heart (since 2017), CR119 (Coddington Road), Caroline Depot Road to Ridgeway Road, 2.3 miles, and Coddington Road, Ithaca College to German Cross Road, 3.3 miles

Thanks for the Wonderful Memories - In Honor of the Hotaling Families (since 2017), CR117A (Flat Iron Road), Harford Road to Rt. 79, 1.0 mile

Cornell University Dairy Club (since 2018), CR122T (North Triphammer Road), Hillcrest Road to Rt. 34, 1.4 miles

GiveGab (since 2019), CR115OLD (Old 76 Road), Guide Board Corners to #326 Old 76 Road, 1.5 miles

La Familia M.C. Ithaca Chapter (since 2019), CR161 (Turkey Hill Road), Rt. 366 to Ellis Hollow Road, 2.1 miles

Riverside Manor Neighborhood (since 2019), CR105FC (Fall Creek Road), Ed Hill Road to East Malloryville Road, 2.0 miles

The 1832 Cramer Homestead (since 2019), CR162A (Irish Settlement Road), Ferguson Road to Tehan Road, 0.97 miles

Anthony and Lindsey Nash 'Ohana (since 2019), CR108A (Asbury Road), Rt. 34B to Warren Road, 1.48 miles

Danby Community Church (since 2019), CR179 (East King Road), Rt. 96B to Coddington Road, 2.0 miles

MGFC - Cornell University (since 2020), CR108WD (West Dryden Road), Asbury Road to Sheldon Road, 1.5 miles, CR121 (Warren Road), Cherry Road to Asbury Road, 1.5 miles, and CR136C (Connecticut Hill Road), Black Oak Road to Rumsey Hill Road, 0.78 mile

SADD (since 2020), CR149 (Searsburg Road), Schuyler County Line to Rt. 227, 1.29 miles

Noise Widow Farm (since 2020), CR146J (Jacksonville Road), Perry City to Rt. 96, 0.9 mile

John Stiteler In Memory of Donna K. Hastings (since 2020), CR 134 (Millard Hill Road) Burdge Hill Road to Trumbulls Corners Road, 2.7 miles

Cornell University BMES Graduate Chapter (since 2021), CR122PG (Pleasant Grove Road) Forest Home Drive to Cayuga Heights Village Line, 0.60 mile

The Miller Family (since 2021), CR164R (Ringwood Road) Mount Pleasant Road to Rt. 13, 1.8 miles

Exercise Science / T-S-T BOCES (since 2021), CR122T (North Triphammer Road) Cherry Road to Hillcrest Road, 1.2 miles

The following is a partial listing of County Roads, previously adopted and currently available for adoption (please contact us for information on one of these or other available roads not listed):

  • Peruville Road, CR107, Rt. 38 to Lick Street, 1.0 mile
  • Asbury Road, CR108A, Warren Road to West Dryden Road, 1.44 miles
  • Troy Road, CR123T, Coddington Road to Nelson Road, 2.0 miles
  • Hayts Road, CR139, Rt. 96 to Van Dorn Road, 2.5 miles
  • Midline Road, CR162, Beginning at Rt. 79, 1.5 miles