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Mailbox Guidelines and Concerns

If my mailbox is damaged by a snow plow, will Tompkins County replace it?

  • The County Highway practice is not to replace or repair mailboxes damaged by the impact of snow when plowing, or as a result of snow removal during periods of limited visibility.
  • However, the County will consider repair/replacement if the mailbox assembly is damaged during cleanup after the storm, or if driver error clearly caused damage to the mailbox assembly.
  • Mailboxes properly installed and maintained are generally not in conflict with snow & ice removal.

To minimize the risk of damage:

The mailbox, including support arm, should have a minimum clearance of 42" above the roadside shoulder.
The front of the mailbox should not extend beyond the edge of the shoulder.
The mailbox post should be a minimum of 18" from the edge of the shoulder.
The mailbox assembly should be clearly visible.

Mailbox dimension

A mailbox assembly shall not be constructed or installed in a manner that interferes with routine snow removal, or in a manner which clearly presents an unacceptable risk to snow removal operations or the traveling public. If you are planning a new mailbox installation on a County Road, call 607-274-0300 for guidance on location and type of construction.