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Types of Permits and Contact Procedures:

All work within or adjacent to a County Highway requires a permit from TCHWY.

Please read your responsibilities for working within the Highway right-of-way and insurance requirements.

For additional permit information, call Permit Coordinator, at (607) 274-0300

or email us at:




      60 calendar days after TCHWY permit date  

      30 day extension with written approval 

A. Highway Work Permit - All work within 25' of the centerline of the road requires a permit. Fee based on fee worksheet.

B. Construction Permit FEE Worksheet - Lists the fees for various types of projects in the highway right-of-way.

C. Private / Non-commercial Driveway Permit - For installation or replacement of driveway entrances

Property owner - Permit Fee $100.00  ( refundable $2,000.00 Security Deposit  )

D. Driveway / Entrance Paving Permit - For paving or resurfacing of private/non-commercial driveways. Fee $25.00

E. Driveway Maintenance - No permit is required for regular owner maintenance and repairs.



A. Non-Divisible Hauling Permit - Over-width, greater than 8'6" wide. Per move, specific route (i.e. mobile home, modular units). Fee $25.00/unit

B. Non-Divisible Hauling Permit - Over-width, greater than 8'6" wide. Annual per vehicle blanket. Valid on all Tompkins County highways (i.e. construction, farm machinery). Fee $100.00

C. Overweight Hauling Permit - Annual, route specific. County stamp applied to NYS overweight permit. Fee $10.00 per unit.

Please complete the applicable portions of the permit and associated vehicle data corresponding to the NYSDOT Divisible Load Overweight Permit.  Clearly denote the Unit's fleet number on the NYSDOT permit form.  The intent is to use a single TCHWY permit cover for your entire fleet.

      Permit form for one (1) to ten (10) units, CLICK here

      Permit form for more than ten (10 units, CLICK here