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Tompkins County Adopt-A-Highway Agreement

The Tompkins County Highway Department, with an office at 170 Bostwick Road, Ithaca, NY  14850, hereafter called the "Department" and _______________________________________________, a civil organization using the mailing address of ___________________________________________________________________________, hereinafter called the "Organization", recognize the need for and desirability of a more attractive and litter-free CR _____, and are entering into this Agreement to enable the Organization to contribute toward the effort of maintaining the appearance for the Tompkins County Highway Department.  By signature below, the Organization acknowledges the hazardous nature of the activity and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

No work of any nature will be performed on the pavement or shoulders of the traveled way.

No participants' vehicles may be parked on the travel lanes or shoulders of a highway.

Activities permitted are of a roadside maintenance nature, including, but not limited to, litter pickup, mowing, brush control and cutting, and tree trimming and planting, and maintaining approved vegetation.  The County Highway Director may modify this list as needed to accommodate specific situations.

The Organization will organize and supervise all activities.

The Organization will organize and conduct a safety briefing before each field activity.  The Department will provide a representative to present the initial safety briefing.  All participants must attend a safety briefing before participating in the field activity.

The Department will provide hard hats, reflective vests, trash bags, and signage.  The Organization will pick up supplies and materials (hats, vests, and bags) from the Highway, as needed.

The Department will provide for disposal of collected waste from locations specified in the permit.

The Organization will conduct activities at a frequency which will enhance the attainment of the goal, which is to provide a park-like appearance along the adopted facility.  Suggested minimum frequency of pickup along highways is two (2) times per year, with the first pickup occurring in April-May "Spring Cleanup" time period, and at rest areas of scenic overlooks.

The Organization will obtain a General Release from each participant (Appendix A).

The Department will publicize the execution of this Agreement, and will highlight it at various periods thereafter.

The Department will furnish and erect Adopt-A-Highway signs at the beginning of each adopted highway segment, or in each adopted rest area or scenic overlook.

The Department will continue to apply its assets in the maintenance of the highway.

This Agreement shall be for a two (2) year period, commencing on ________________________________, and terminating on ___________________________________.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, if in the sole judgment of the Department, it is determined that the Organization is not meeting the terms and conditions of this Agreement, upon thirty (30) days notice, the Department may terminate this Agreement and take such other action as it deems appropriate.

The Department recognizes the _________________________________ as the adopting organization for CR_____, known as ________________________, starting at ________________________ and ending at ________________________, a distance of _____________ miles, and the _______________________________________________ accepts the responsibility of picking up litter on the adopted facility and of promoting a litter-free environment in the community for the term of this Agreement.

The ______________________________________ hereby agrees to indemnify, save, and hold harmless the Department of Tompkins County and all their agents, officers, employees, and elected officials from any and all claims, demands, actions, or cause of action or whatsoever nature or character arising out of or by reason of the execution or performance of work and services provided for herein, and further agrees to defend, at its own cost and expense, any action or preceding commenced for the purpose of asserting any claim of whatsoever character arising hereunder.

Attached hereto and made a part hereof is "Appendix A."

                                Name of Organization

____________________________________________________              ____________________
                                Organization Leader                                                                         Date

____________________________________________________              ____________________
                          Authorized County Signature                                                                  Date

                              Printed Name and Title