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Planning - Special Tabulation - College Students

 Special Tabulation: College Students

In 2003, the Tompkins County Planning Department requested and received a Special Tabulation from the Census Bureau. This Special Tabulation (#137) provided separate sets of the 2000 Census data for “college students” and “non-college students” for Tompkins County and by municipality. “College student” was defined as those answering “yes” to the question: “at any time since February 1, 2000, has this person attended regular school or college?” for ages 17 or over. For households, those with at least one college student were included in the college data. The results are presented, by municipality, on the tables below.

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Age Distribution

 63kb Population and Age

 20kb Population and Age


Hispanic or Latino and Race

 60kb Race Hispanic or Latino

 21kb Race Hispanic or Latino

Household Type

Housing Tenure

 71kb Households

 20kb Households

Commuting to Work

 67kb Journey to Work

 18kb Journey to Work

Household Income

Family Income

 74kb Income

 26kb Income

Below Poverty Level

 60kb Poverty Status

 37kb Poverty Status

Mortgage Status

Gross Rent

Gross Rent as a Percentage of Income

 72kb Housing Costs

 28kb Housing Costs