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Planning - Housing Needs Assessment

Tompkins County Housing Needs Assessment

Revised Reports Now Available:

Since the September 6, 2016 meeting, the Danter Company has made some revisions. Below you will find updated versions of the various special reports and analyses.

2016 Tompkins County Housing Needs Assessment Documents
  Executive Summary
  Single Family Demand Analysis
  Condominium Demand Analysis
  Apartment Demand Analysis
  Purpose-Built Student Housing Potential
  Senior Housing with Services Demand Analysis
  In-Commuter Demand Analysis
  Housing Demand by Income
  Low Income Housing Tax Credit Workbook
  Survey of Special Needs Providers
  Key Indicators of Residential Change
  Geographic Preferences of Residents and In-commuters
  Summary of Survey of Real Estate Professionals, Planners, Public Officials, and Major Employers
  Survey of Small Apartment Properties (less than 24 units)
  Survey of Large Apartment Properties (24 units or more)
  Online Housing Survey Results
  List of Interviewees

Printed copies are available for a nominal fee.


Public Meeting to be held on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 6:30 PM in the Tompkins County Public Library's Borg Warner Room (press release):

This public meeting will provide an opportunity to learn about the results of the Tompkins County Housing Needs Assessment. Results from the Downtown Ithaca Alliance's Downtown Ithaca Housing Market Study will also be shared during the meeting. The Tompkins County Public Library is located at 101 E. Green Street, Ithaca. If you are a person with a disability that will require special arrangements to be made in order for you to fully participate in the meeting, please contact the Planning Department at 607-274-5560.

Tompkins County Housing Survey Results:

The results of the Tompkins County Housing Survey, the online survey which is a component of the Housing Needs Assessment, are now available here. Please note that other report elements of the Housing Needs Assessment are currently under review and development, but will be posted to this website once finalized.

Tompkins County Housing Survey (press release):

The Tompkins County Housing Survey closed on Monday, February 22, 2016, and a special thanks goes out to all who participated in and helped spread the word about the survey. Results are being tabulated and then the winners of the gift cards will be notified. The survey provided those who live, study, or commute into Tompkins County with an opportunity to tell us about their housing experiences, needs, and preferences. This input will help the development of the Tompkins County Housing Needs Assessment. If you have questions, please contact the Planning Department at (607)274-5560 or by email. Thanks again for your interest in the survey!

Survey Posters (please note the survey is now closed):  8.5"x11" (letter size)      11"x17" (tabloid size with tabs at bottom)


2016 Tompkins County Needs Assessment

On December 1, 2015, the Tompkins County Housing Needs Assessment project was launched to update and expand upon the 2006 Affordable Housing Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment will identify current housing needs as well as projected housing demand over the next ten years. Current and future needs are being examined by income levels, geographic areas, and assorted market segments (i.e., various age groups and household types, students, those with special needs, etc.). The project is also looking into development costs for new housing and its results will inform a future update of the Tompkins County Housing Strategy.

The Tompkins County Planning Department has retained the Danter Company to assist the development of the Needs Assessment. Completion is expected in spring 2016. Additional news and documents will be posted on this page as the project progresses, so please visit this page for future announcements.

2006 Tompkins County Affordable Housing Needs Assessment 

The Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan that was adopted in 2004 included an action item to conduct a housing needs assessment to use as a basis to guide development of affordable housing that meets local needs. The Tompkins Planning Department retained the services of Economic and Policy Resources to conduct a countywide needs assessment and affordability analysis. The Assessment documents current housing, economic, and demographic trends in the County and forecasts the number of housing units that will need to be added to the current supply to meet the needs of our population in the next decade. Background data collection was completed in the fall of 2005 along with a stakeholder presentation to discuss preliminary findings. Final analysis and recommendations were compiled and presented at another stakeholder meeting in May 2006.