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Civil and Records Division Text with Sheriff Patch

The Civil & Records Division is responsible for the execution of civil processes and various mandates of the courts.
Its purpose and functions are to serve and execute the various legal processes issued by, and for,
the several non-criminal courts of New York State and for the jurisdictions of other states and countries throughout the world. 


Our office is open to the public Monday-Friday between 8:30 AM-4:30 PM.

General Inquiries: 607-257-1345


Photo of Lieutenant Jeremy Zigenfus

Lieutenant Jeremy Zigenfus
Civil & Records Office Supervisor


The division handles pistol permit applications and amendments, Sheriff ID's, as well as the serving of court-ordered divorce actions, eviction papers, orders of protection, income executions, warrants, and notices of appearance.


Accident & Police Reports

Background Checks

Civil Fee Schedule

Civil Mileage Chart



Income Executions

Orders of Protection

Sheriff IDs