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Pistol Permits

New Gun Laws -- Frequently Asked Questions

The Division of Criminal Justice Services and New York State Police have developed FAQs regarding recent changes to New York State firearm laws that take effect Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022.

FAQs Regarding Recent Changes to New York State Firearm Laws

NY Attorney General - FAQs

*The NY Attorney General FAQs includes a link to the law*


Minimum Standards for Firearm Safety Training

On August 25, 2022, the Division of Criminal Justice Services and New York State Police released their minimum standards for firearm safety training that take effect Friday, Sept. 1, 2022.

Minimum Standards for Firearms Safety Training

Concealed Carry Safety Course Instructor List

Community Conservation Club 607-703-1153  
LionsPride Training Group 315-303-8131
PS&ED - Matthew Mallory 315-567-9268
Rochester Personal Defense, LLC 585-406-6758
Shooters Haven - David Colburn 315-751-5559
Bryan Leonard 315-559-1081
Safely on Target, LLC 585-733-4890  
Hammer Down Firearms Training & Concealed Coalition - Joshua Drake  585-857-6607
Tioga County Sportsmen's Association 607-687-3168
Dusenberry Sportsmen's Club, Inc. Dusenberry Sportsmen's Club - Facebook Page
Lock-N-Load DownRange 607-687-0202
Handgun Training & Consulting 315-796-4186
CCB Training & Consulting 607-345-0054
Pugh Self-Protection & Combatives 607-202-5999

Constitutional Chemicals LLC
Patriot Firearms Training

Delhi Police Training Division 607-434-6101
Centurion Firearms Training LLC  917-750-2744

**If you are a certified instructor and wish for your course to be approved in Tompkins County, please complete and return this form:

 Firearm Safety Instructor - Certification Form

Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers in Tompkins County List

Mountain Armory & Ammo 30 Kelloggs Corners Road  Newfield, NY 14867 607-342-5104


Request for Removal of Restrictions

If you have a restricted permit please fill out the Request for Removal of Restrictions form below and return it to our office. Our office will contact you when the updated permit is available for pick-up. There is a $5.00 fee, cash ONLY, to print a new card. 

Request for Removal of Restrictions


Plastic Card Conversion 

Current pistol permit holders may convert to a new plastic permit by submitting the Conversion Form linked below. Once we process your form, we will contact you to come in for your plastic card. Please read the attached directions and fill out the form below. We recommend that you save the form to your desktop and attach it to your email. Please send to:  Payment of $15.00, cash, is due upon pick-up.

Conversion Directions

Plastic Card Conversion Form


New Pistol Permit Applications

Pistol / Semi-Automatic Rifle License Application

Character Reference Form

You CANNOT apply for a new permit if: 

Pistol Permit Amendments

Processed Monday-Friday between 8:30 AM-4:00 PM at the Civil/Records Office window. Coupons will be given at the time of service. The following documentation is required: 

  • Original or copy of the bill of sale on dealer’s letterhead listing the seller’s name, address, phone number, Federal Firearms License (FFL) number, New York State Dealer License number, and description of the firearm.
  • A copy of your entire pistol permit (including firearm cards)
  • Payment of $3 - cash ONLY
  • State Issued Driver's License 


Upgrade from "Possess On Premises/While Employed" to "Carry Concealed"

Please complete and follow the directions on the form below


Co-Registering a Firearm

If you wish to co-register a firearm, you must bring the following items to the Sheriff's Office:

  • Co-Registration of Firearms
  • Your entire pistol permit (including firearm cards)
  • Payment of $3 - cash ONLY
  • State Issued Driver's License

When filling out the form, please leave the Witness signature line blank, this will be filled out at the Sheriff's Office; however, if you have this document notarized, they will sign on the Witness signature line. As a co-registrant you are responsible to make sure that you report any disposals of the firearm; same as if you are the primary owner of the firearm. Both parties will need to come to the Sheriff's Office together with the co-registration form or have the form notarized. The person adding the firearms to their permit must bring the form to the Sheriff's Office for an amendment. 


NYS Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption

NYS Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption

Pistol permit holders may elect to keep their firearm ownership private by filling out the New York State Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption form. Anyone who completes the form would be exempt from having his or her information released under FOIL. The form must be turned in or mailed to the Sheriff's Office or the Tompkins County Clerk's Office. 








The Tompkins County Sheriff's Office adheres to the laws and standards put in place through the NYSAFE Act. Please click the image link above for more information on the NYSAFE act.