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The mission of the Tompkins County Department of Assessment is:

  • to yearly assess properties at uniform percentage of fair market value in order to equitably distribute the tax burden amongst the taxable properties within Tompkins County,
  • to administer real property tax exemptions as provided by the New York State Real Property Tax Law.
  • educate the general public about Real Property Assessment Administration
  • prepare and maintain tax maps for the identification, data collection and valuation of real property.

The Tompkins County Department of Assessment does NOT:

  • determine the amount of taxes that an individual property will pay (a combination of assessment and tax levy does that),
  • advocate for any real property tax exemptions (DofA will administer any exemptions mandated by the NYSRPTL or allowed by local option),
  • have any assessment be influenced by any political entity (The DofA is totally independent - all employees of the DofA are civil servants and do not serve at the whim of any political body).
  • value property based upon names or ability to pay taxes (market value dictates how properties are valued).