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Probation - ESSO

Enhanced Supervision and Sentencing Options (ESSO)

This department operates several Enhanced Supervision and Sentencing Options which encompass a continuum of graduated responses designed to address offender non- compliance.

Whenever a recommendation of incarceration is being considered by the Probation Officer either at the presentence investigation or violation of probation stage, the case must be screened before this department's ESSO Committee for possible sentencing options in the various ESSO programs. The goal of the Committee is to ensure that all program options are examined in an attempt to reduce reliance on incarceration. The Committee screens the case for eligibility and appropriateness for all the programs and a decision is then made as to which program, if any, could assist the defendant/probationer in rehabilitation while at the same time not jeopardize public safety. Many factors are taken into consideration by the Committee in the screening process including the defendant’s/probationer’s legal history, the nature of the present offense, their history of compliance with the terms and conditions of prior or current probation term, gravity of the non compliant behaviors, danger to self and others and other case specific circumstances.

Current ESSO Programs