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Probation - Mandated Services

The Probation Department provides the mandated diversion services for juveniles defined as a (PINS) Person In Need of Supervision or (JD) Juvenile Delinquent. Diversion services begin by assessing the needs of the youth and then evaluating the need for community supports that will help resolve the conflicts that originally brought them to the attention of the Probation Department.  The goal of intake is to avoid the need for court intervention.

The Probation Department conducts investigations for both Family and Criminal Courts of Tompkins County as well as the courts of other New York counties and states when the person involved in the court process is a resident of Tompkins County. The investigation provides the court with accurate and reliable information, not only about the offense committed, but also about specific information regarding the background of the offender and his/her needs and strengths.  Attempts to make the victim whole, a determination about the need for sanctions, and possible safety issues in the community are outlined for the presiding judge.  Investigations for Family Court involve matters of custody, visitation, adoption, PINS and Juvenile Delinquents.  These investigations assist the Court in examining the circumstances of the petitioning parties and in making a determination about the best interests of the child.

One of the main functions of the Probation Department is the supervision of juveniles, Youthful Offenders and adults placed on probation by the courts. The goals of probation supervision are to ensure that the conditions set by the Court are followed, that the treatment needs of the probationer are being met, that victims are made whole, and that the offender’s activities are closely monitored to promote rehabilitation and safety in the community.