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Mise à jour du site web du comté de Tompkins - Lancement du programme d'accès linguistique

Tompkins County’s website ( now has content translated accurately into eight languages commonly used as a primary language other than English by individuals and families in the community.

At this time content is still being posted on the website in each language – Tompkins County will continue to update the content over time as translators and reviewers complete translations. As new content is posted it will also be considered for translations.

Individuals seeking to view translated content may click their desired language in the bar at the top of the website screen.

The translation efforts are in accordance with the Tompkins County Language Access Policy, and follow the guidelines of requiring human translation of critical public information. Some information on the website is translated by machine translation, and therefore exact accuracy cannot be promised across every page of this website. 

Tompkins County would like to thank the translators who have worked on the website content so far, as well as community partner organizations who assisted in efforts to update the Language Access Policy and identify public information translation needs.