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Real Property Tax Exemptions Renewal Forms to be mailed December 18

The Tompkins County Department of Assessment will be mailing renewal exemption applications on December 18 for all exemptions that must be applied for on a yearly basis. 

Due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus and trying to limit the number of people visiting the Assessment office to file applications, we are encouraging all applicants to file their exemptions by mail, email, fax, or using our drop box.  If a property files their application through one of these means, we will automatically send back a receipt to prove the timely filing of the application. 

We have also created an online scheduling application to ensure a spot where we can make sure that the property owner filing the application will be in and out of office in a safe and efficient manner.  Prior to being allowed into the building, all applicants must take their temperature and ensure they are not presenting any symptoms and masks must be worn at all times in County buildings.  If a mask cannot be worn for medically necessary reasons, we ask that the application be filed in a non-contact manner.

A partial listing of exemptions included in the mailing are: Low Income Senior, Low Income Disability, Clergy, Living Quarters for Parent/Grandparent, Partial Not-for-profit exemptions, and Housing Trust properties.

While the application is due back by March 1, any supporting documentation including income tax information can be taken at any point up until April 15th, so long as the exemption application is filed by March 1.  We highly suggest to all applicants that they simply fill out the exemption application and mail it back to the Assessment office as soon as they receive the application so that it is not forgotten.  Once the income tax information is completed, we will gladly match that to the already filed application.

While every single other application must be filed by March 1, the Agricultural Land exemption application must be filed by April 1, 2021 

Finally, all property owners are encouraged to either call the Assessment office or check on-line after May 1, 2021 to see what exemptions they were granted.  All complaints on exemption denials must be filed by the 4th Tuesday of May (Grievance Day).

Media contact: Jay Franklin, Director of Assessment, 274-5517.

                            Irene Kehoe, Asst Director of Assessment, 274-5517