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Inmate Correspondence

An inmate may receive mail delivered by the US Postal Service. No stamps, envelopes, or paper will be accepted from family or visitors.  Inmates are entitled to receive any printed material or publication. These items are to be delivered through the U.S. mail from a company whose ordinary business includes the sale and shipping of such items.

* Incoming mail without the sender's full name and return address, and/or receiving inmate's full name will be refused. 


Ex. John Doe
           123 Main St. 
                         Anywhere, NY 13450

* All incoming or outgoing mail must go through the United States Postal Service. Drawings, signs, symbols, stickers, etc...are not permitted on envelopes. 

Mail containing crayon, marker, or colored pencil (or similar items) will not be permitted. Greeting cards that play music will not be permitted either.

Inmates are not permitted to receive hardcover books.