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Download Signs and Posters for Printing

NYS Documentation of Isolation Orders Affirmation of Isolation for adults and children who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been in isolation consistent with NYSDOH guidance. Click here for a fill-in PDF form.

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Workplace & public-facing posters & signs

Sign image: Masks Preferred (green) Sign image: Welcome Masks preferred (yellow)

Download letter size PDFs

Download PDFs using the links below the images.
Sign image: Masks Preferred (green) Sign image: Welcome Masks preferred (yellow) Sign image: Welcome Please wear a mask (green) Sign image: Welcome Please Wear a Mask (yellop) Sign image: Welcome Please Wear a Mask (blue) Sign image: Welcome Mask Required in Health Care Settings per NYS

Download letter size PDFs

Welcome Everyone Please Wear a Mask -- image of a flyer Welcome Not fully vaccinated please wear a mask -- image of a poster


Prevention directed reminder signs

(11" x 17" PDFs. Click the image to open and download the PDF.)

Welcome Poster image Poster Attention All Visitors Poster Keep Tompkins Save and healthy

Paid Leave for Vaccination signs for employee areas

Download an FAQ about this law from the NYS Department of Labor. 

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“Tompkins Together” Posters 

“In Tompkins County, Together We …” is a reminder to everyone in Tompkins County that we have come this far together, and we have to continue together to keep each other healthy.

Image of a sign Lets Get Vaccinated
Let's Get Vaccinated (Letter size PDF)

In Tompkins County, Together We wear a mask, stay apart, avoid gatherings, get vaccinated -- image of a flyer 
Portrait version: Letter size (PDF)  |  18" x 24" Poster (PDF) 

In Tompkins County, Together We wear a mask, stay apart, avoid gatherings, get vaccinated -- image of a flyer 
Landscape version: Letter size (PDF)  

Image of a sign image of a sign Image of a sign  
Set of 4 signs: Letter size (PDF, 4 pages)

Health & Safety 

  • The Healthy & Safe poster provides a reminder of steps everyone must take to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • Poster with four standard Screening Questions covering symptoms, a positive test, close contact with a positive case, travel history 
  • The Testing flyer answers questions about who should be tested, where, and what to do after testing.
  • Click the images below to open a PDF to download and use.
  • Keep Tompkins Healthy poster
  • Image of a poster with 4 screening questions
  • Image of a flyer that promotes testing for COVID-19

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Stop the Spread! My mask protects you, your mask protects me.

Door Hanger

  • doorhanger
  • photo of a door hanger on a door knob

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Vaccinations Information

Frequently Asked Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccination.

Image of flyer -- Vaccination Frequently Asked Questions FAQ pg1  Image of vaccination FAQ pg 2
Download the General Audience FAQ (PDF, Letter size (8-1/2x11), 2 pages)
Open images of the FAQ document: Page-1  |  Page-2

Image of 11 by 17 format FAQ 
Download 11" x 17" poster (PDF, tabloid size)
Open image of the FAQ poster

Headline image of the myths poster

Infographic: Open PDF (8.5" x 21")  |  Open PNG image

What to expect at the mall vaccination site -- image of a flyer What to do next after your COVID-19 vaccination -- image of flyer
What to Expect at the Mall Vaccination Site (PDF, Letter size, 8-1/2x11, 1 page)
What to Do Next After Your COVID-19 Vaccination (PDF, Letter size, 8-1/2x11, 1 page)
What to Do Next poster size (PDF, 18x24)

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Multiple Language Resources

Vaccination FAQs

Letter-size, PDF

  • الأسئلة المكررة  (Arabic)
  • ঘন ঘন জিজ্ঞাসিত প্রশ্ন COVID-19 টিকা সম্পর্কে  (Bengali)
  • 常见问题 关于新冠肺炎COVID-19疫苗接种  (Simplified Chinese)
  • 常見問題 有關新冠病毒疫苗  (Traditional Chinese)
  • よくある質問 コロナウィルスのワクチンについて   (Japanese)
  • 자주 묻는 질문 COVID-19 백신에 대해  (Korean)
  • Questions Fréquemment Posées à propos de la vaccination contre le covid-19  (French)
  • Domande Frequenti a proposito del vaccino anti COVID-19  (Italian)
  • Perguntas Frequentes sobre a Vacinação COVID-19  (Portuguese)
  • Preguntas Frecuentes sobre la vacuna COVID-19  (Spanish)

KN95 Masks

Image of the 4 by 6 KN95 card in English
4-inch X 6-inch card, 2 pages (PDF)

  • KN95 masks add protection for you and your family  (English)
  • توفر كمامات KN95 الحماية لك ولعائلتك  (Arabic)
  • KN95 口罩為您和您的家人增添保護  (Traditional Chinese)
  • Les masques KN95 assurent votre protection ainsi que celle de votre famille  (French)
  • KN95 နီၢ်ကျၢၢ်ဘၢတဖၣ် မၤအါထီၣ်တၢ်ဒီသဒၢလၢနၤ ဒီးနဟံၣ်ဖိဃီဖိအဂီၢ်လီၤ  (Karen)
  • Маски KN95 защитят вас и ваших близких  (Russian)
  • Las mascarillas KN95 añaden protección para usted y su familia  (Spanish)
  • Маски KN95 забезпечують захист для вас і вашої родини  (Ukrainian)

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Spanish, Karen, Mandarin, Taiwanese

Stay Safe and Healthy

Videos explaining COVID-19 health & safety Information, including Quarantine and Isolation guidance. View below, view on YouTube, or download from Goodle Drive. In Spanish, Karen, Mandarin, Taiwanese.

SPANISH: Watch on YouTube. Download from Google.

KAREN (BURMESE): Watch on YouTube. Download from Google.

MANDARIN: Watch on YouTube. Download from Google.

TAIWANESE: Watch on YouTube. Download from Google.

Vaccine and Vaccinations

SPANISH: Watch on YouTube. Download from Google.

Horario de Oficina en Español

  • Con Dr. Maya Aponte, CMC, y Carolina Gilbert, RN, CMC
  • Moderado por Patricia Fernandez de Castro Martinez, Asociación Cívica Latina
  • Mira el evento grabado en YouTube

KAREN: Watch on YouTube. Download from Google.

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Protect Yourself from COVID-19

ENGLISH, SPANISH, CHINESE. Click on the image to download a PDF in a new tab (11"x17")
Pique aquí para descargar un archivo en formato PDF en una pestaña nueva (11"x17").  

Image of the NYSDOH Protect Yourself poster in English  

Stop the Spread of Germs

ENGLISH, KAREN (letter-size, click image to download PDF)

  CDC Stop the Spread poster in KAREN  


Symptoms of COVID-19 Disease

ENGLISH, SPANISH, CHINESE (letter-size, click image to download PDF)

Image of symptoms poster in English  Image of Symptoms poster in Spanish  Image of symptoms poster in Chinese

What You Need to Know

KAREN, BURMESE (letter-size, click image to download PDF)

CDC Need to know poster in KAREN  CDC Need to Know poster in Burmese  

Image of a CDC Wash Your Hands poster. Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Statement from County Administrator Jason Molino on COVID-19, March 13, 2020 (PDF)
Letter to School Superintendents from Public Health Director Frank Kruppa, March 13, 2020 (PDF)
Video: Press Conference held at the Health Department, Mar. 9, 2020

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