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歡迎大家!Dan Klein, Tompkins County Legislature

Our County Government delivers a high level of service to residents each and every day. Our County Government helps people find jobs, manages over 300 miles of county roads, responds to emergencies, keeps the community healthy, safe and vibrant, manages records and technology important to people’s lives, delivers critical programs to people in need, oversees local elections, the list goes on - and our responsibility to keeping these services running and supported has never been greater.

We have a responsive Legislature with a tradition of investing in what matters to our organization and our residents. Local government feels closer to people’s lives than ever before. Our successes and challenges have deep and lasting impacts on the lives of our constituents and neighbors. It is my sincere hope that the Tompkins County Legislature will continue to make the investments to reflect our roles in people’s lives, and continue to take our responsibility seriously.

Dan Klein, Chair, Tompkins County Legislature




  • 人類服務
  • 公共衛生
  • 公共安全與懲教
  • 道路與維護
  • 公共記錄
  • 選舉


The Role Of County Government

County government in New York State is unique in the diversity of services counties offer.

Beyond the functions common to all levels of local government—such as police protection and road maintenance—counties are responsible for a wide range of human services that are delegated to the counties by the State. In fact, counties were originally created as administrative subdivisions of State government to carry out State functions. While the role of counties has grown, many of the State’s largest and most important social programs continue to be delegated to, and delivered by counties.

Tompkins County, like New York State’s other counties, is responsible for delivering programs that assist people who are facing economic hardship, are vulnerable to abuse or exploitation, or suffer from mental illness or developmental delays. Counties are the State’s front line of defense in protecting the public’s health and play a primary role in maintaining the public’s safety. Counties operate jails, prosecute those charged with criminal offenses, provide free legal counsel for those who cannot afford their own attorney, and supervise those who are on probation. Counties also serve as the main repository for public records and manage the elections process.

In addition to these and other mandated responsibilities, Tompkins County provides police protection through a sheriff’s office, operates a countywide 911 Center, provides planning guidance, and maintains an extensive system of roads and bridges. Tompkins County is one of only two counties in the State to operate a consolidated Assessment Department.

Read more about the role of municipal governments in New York State in this Local Government Handbook


湯普金斯郡成立於 1817 年。自 1970 年以來,其一直採用立法機構-行政機關的政府形式,並根據郡憲章運作。


  • 監督郡服務和支出
  • 制定政策並確定財務資源的最佳利用
  • 任命郡行政長官、縣財政總監、郡檢察官和立法書記官
  • 從人口規模大致相等的地區選出立法者,每四年一次
  • 從 2014 年開始,由於 2010 年人口普查後重新劃分選區,立法者和選區的數量從 15 減少到 14。


  • 監督和協調郡政府
  • 執行立法機構政策的行動
  • 任命所有其他非民選部門負責人,但須經立法機構確認
  • 指導郡政府員工以及與非營利機構和服務提供者簽訂的合同來提供服務





湯普金斯郡政府委員會 (TCCOG) 是一個由地方政府組成的協會,旨在提供一個討論和談判的論壇,從而達成協議,以更高效且更負責任地提供政府服務。TCCOG 的其中一項倡議是 大湯普金斯郡市政醫療保險聯盟