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Food Program

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The Food Service Program provides the following services:

  • Issues permits to Food Service Establishments in Tompkins County:

Call the Environmental Health Division at (607) 274-6688 for information on how to obtain a permit to operate a Food Service Establishment.

  • Issues permits for Temporary Food Service Events:

Information on obtaining a temporary permit for serving food to the public. Call for applicable fees prior to mailing the completed application. Phone (607) 274-6688, Mon–Fri, 8:30–4:30.

FAQs, and downloadable application, instructions and checklist (pdf) for a Temporary Event permit, follow this link.

  • Grants permission to operate a food service to religious, fraternal and charitable organizations for a two year period provided that the organization provides notification of events and meets the following requirements.  The facility must operate no more than once per week and must operate at the main facility location.  If the facility operates more than once per week and/or has an event off-site from their main facility they will need to get a permit to operate from the Health Department. An organization meeting the exemption requirements can provide notice and dates of intended operation to the Health Department by emailing us at

  • Reviews and approves plans for new Food Service Establishments (plans are also required for extensive remodeling of facilities):

Call for an opening package, further information and applicable fees. Plans must be approved prior to construction or remodeling of the facility.

  • Inspects Food Service operations to offer education and prevent Foodborne Illness:

Permitted facilities are inspected at least once a year by a NYS standardized inspector. Facilities are re-inspected if critical violations are observed during the initial     inspection.  Click here for a table of Inspection results.


  • Responds to consumer complaints related to public health and food safety:

Facilities are also visited when complaints involving food safety and/or a risk to public health takes place.


  • Investigates Foodborne related illness:

If you believe you became ill after eating a meal in a restaurant, contact us immediately. Contact your physician for possible stool or vomitus samples immediately (this will help us stop a food related illness). The interview will take 15-30 minutes and will include a 72 hour history of foods that you consumed.


  • Food Safety Courses:



  • Educational information on food safety for permitted facilities

(Home food safety questions call: Cornell Cooperative Extension at (607) 272-2292)


  • Seminars on food safety on request for food service establishments 


  • Provide choking posters, food safety stickers, templates for temperature monitoring logs, food safety informational handouts and copies of the New York State Sanitary Code for Food Service Establishments.


Guidelines and Requirements

Food Fact Sheets


Educational Materials for Food Service Establishments (PDF)

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Food Service Inspection Results  


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